The final shape

Behind them, Xi Ro thought of the birthing-room, where ancient explorers had labored over surgeries and administrations, peeling back the chrysalis and the caul of that which they had made from the deep, whose birth none of them would survive…

He always survives.
Helmet in one hand and torch in the other, Saladin Forge marches through the snow. He can sense the wolves emerge around him; only three of them come into view, but this group has followed him on his patrols since the Devils raided the Plaguelands. He has given up dissuading them. They’re defending their territory, and Saladin can relate to that. But they will not last long.
Nothing does. Not the Golden Age. Not the colony ships. Not the impenetrable walls of the Cosmodrome.

if you can see these two grimoire bits as metaphors about the abyss,
the first talks about explores who made something in the deep and in the end gave their lives to get it out of the deep.
the second could be seen as that life that escaped the abyss followed by those created in the wake of the explorers trip into the plaguelands/abyss.

metaphors in destiny, the story hidden in code in the lore and game imo

Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray
Out on the Martian desert, my father and picked collaborators were building housing too cold for this universe and too swift to be real.
a metaphor or even lore,
the creators of the needle ship? the beginning and the end of times leading to the collapse?

The needle ship —
Carved in my code by Sathona —
A liar —

  1. We salvaged the needle from the Shvubi Maelstrom. I knew it would be there.
  2. The needle is a gray ship, as long and slender as hope, as unbreakable as time, and old. Older than death. It tumbled through the maelstrom before our ancestors crashed into the Fundament. This is not a sea-ship, like Aurash’s. It is an artifact of high technology.

the Butterfly effect?

Clovis Bray were the explores/devils they invaded the abyss in their mission and brought something back from the depths of the deep.

a wrinkle in time, fire without fuel.
the final shape that was known from the start.
the implications in a storied universe are fantastic.

if you can understand what Clovis was attempting to do at the end of time, and the implications of that endeavor from a science and religious/fantasy point of view.
bungie tells a story that blends the end of days with the big bang using metaphors of science and fantasy to tell both in the same realm.
a story that begins with a needle creating a stitch in time between two points, once that happened all other time stopped, we are in that purgatory now, guardians fighting to regain what once was. if the Clovis Bray card is to be seen as lore and not folklore, what were they about to attempt?