The Hammer, The Spindle, The Worm. (Just a short little poem)

The Hammer, The Spindle, The Worm
Two of Black, One of Worm
Two of Akka, One of Xol
Two of Sword, One of Mind
Three are weapons, None for good
Different Shapes, Different Creators, Different Origins
The Purpose remains the same
The Power that wields them remains too
Light wielding Dark, Dark wielding Light
Almost as if they are inextricably linked
Ulan-Tan may have been right

I’m not sure if this counts as lore because it’s not canon it’s just a little poem I wrote about the Black Spindle/Hammer/Whisper. I can make explanations to the poem if anyone so wishes (DId you get the bit about Ulan-Tan?)


This is pretty well written, so great job! I especially like the last three lines

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Ulan-Tan was definitely right.