The Headless Vex

Why do the Vex go haywire when the head is removed? The radiolaria is housed in the chassis, theoretically that controls the functions of the Vex (…unit?) so the removal of the head should not affect individual functions, unless there is computational power in the head. Maybe the radiolaria conveys overall goal while the head takes local input and controls the actual (unit) functions like limbs and aim. When the head is removed, the final command in the (unit) is to remove the last threat to the (Vex unit)?

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Does a headless Vex attack the last threat to the unit? Or just any threat?

The Vex (a Goblin, for example) have an eye located on the head, so when it is shot off, the unit is effectively blind. The ‘attack the last known threat’ sounds reasonable, but we have no confirmation.

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The Vex are made for killing, so if they loose their eyes, all they can do is run to where they think you are. At least I think. I could be wrong.