The Hive Language

So while transcribing Strange Terrain there were a couple details that caught my eye. I’ll list those details and then discuss possible implications.

The yellow bar Knights you encounter before fighting the shielded Ogre are named: Suluh-teth Knight(s) or just Suluh Knight(s) if they are the red bar variety.

The Wizard you encounter with them is named: Simmumah ur-Nokru

The relic-holding Knights are named: Ugul Gar Knight(s)

The Wizard in Xol’s feeding ground is named: Thanatologist Merga

Onto possible implications. I think…strong emphasis on the “think”, that this is a hint at some of the hive language. I believe “ur” is equitable to “of” or meaning “to come from”. I would say that “ur” might be the Worm God “Ur” except for that they specifically chose not to capitalize the word…much like a prefix or title. If the use of the same word is still bothersome though I would suggest that much like English, this word could have a double meaning. For example the difference between a Raven and someone being named Raven.

Further, I think that the declination from Suluh-teth to Suluh implies some sort of hierarchical/responsibility-based naming.

Let me know what you guys think. Are there other instances like this in previous missions that might help shed some light on the subject? Mission video above, transcript will be finished shortly.


In destinys the world’s grave mission one of the enemy’s titles is “The Graven”, going to do some research of my own just thought it was weird how it sounded so similar to the English word grave

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please add to this if you find any other hive specific words while you’re looking :slight_smile:

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I’m planning to hopefully today

Graven is a past participle of “grave”, which in this context means “engrave (an inscription or image) on a surface.


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