The Inverted Spire (BETA)

Name: The Inverted Spire
Recorded: 2017.07.19


The Cistern, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Failsafe A friendly warning: I am detecting seismic events all along the planet’s crust. I believe the Red Legion is to blame.

Failsafe #2 Hey, who wants to bet the Vex will tear us apart trying to fix it?

Zavala Agreed. Be careful, Guardian. There’s no one out there to back you up.
Zavala Welcome to Nessus. This planet is crawling with Vex. The Red Legion have sent in crews, and we need to know why. Failsafe, are you online?

Failsafe Commander, your favorite AI is primed and ready. I have prepared back doors into several key Vex systems. We have detected a series of seismic disruptions. The Cabal may be responsible.
Failsafe Commander, your favorite AI is ready to go! I’m tapped into the Vex network. According to their data, the Cabal have set off a series of quakes at the Nessus core.

Failsafe #2 As if my life wasn’t hard enough already.

Zavala We need to know what we’re dealing with. Yours are the boots on the ground, Guardian. Good luck.
Failsafe A friendly note: the Red Legion appear to have torn apart the planet’s surface.

Ghost That sounds like a job for us!

Failsafe #2 Like, are you sure you can handle it?

Ghost Quiet, you.

Ghost scans the Conflux

Ghost On your right: a waterfall of Vex… milk. Yes, Vex milk.
Ghost Oh, look! Look! It’s a Vex milk waterfall, can we stop and – aww…

The Anchor, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Ghost Is it weird when I look at that light, and I think, “Wow. That is one big Ghost.”
Ghost Oh. We’re walking into the light. I think there’s a metaphor here, and I don’t like it.

Failsafe Hey friends: I’m detecting seismic activity past the barrier ahead.

Failsafe #2 It’s giving me a headache.

Zavala Let’s see how the Red Legion plans to kill you today, Guardian.
Ghost Hey, Failsafe! You’re all cozy in your data core. Any advice on an energy shield?

Failsafe I believe the nearby Vex constructs maintain that barrier.

Ghost Well, I could’ve – OK, we’ll shoot them.
Ghost Oh, a barrier. This planet loves barriers. Zavala, I think they’re trying to contain the Red Legion.

Zavala They have bigger problems. Namely you, Guardian.

Guardian defeats the Vex and Cabal in the area then the barrier deactivates

Ghost What could the Red Legion possibly be drilling for?

Failsafe According to radio chatter, they want to build more guns.

Failsafe #2 Who could have guessed?
Ghost Zavala: giant drills. Apparently, Cabal research equals giant drills. ZAVALA!

Zavala Preparation win any fight, Ghost. Should they deploy the drills on Earth, we’ll need your expertise.
Ghost Look at those drills. Even the Vex can’t stop a Cabal invasion.

Zavala Survival is a temporary condition. For all of us.
Ghost What could the Red Legion possibly be drilling for?

Failsafe Friendly query: what have you done to attract such hostile species to my planet?

Guardian joins the fight between Vex and Cabal near the drill site

Ghost Zavala! Looks like the drills are manned by a full battalion of Cabal!

Zavala A full battalion? What is that to you, who have slain gods in the heart of the Black Garden?
Ghost And of course the drills have armed crews.

Failsafe Friendly suggestion:

Failsafe #2 Drop them first, Cap.

The two Cabal Drill Officers Centurions are defeated

Ghost Research team? More like research army. There’s so many of them.

Zavala Indeed. But we still need to know what they’re looking for. Brace yourselves.
Failsafe Just so you know: I have detected a massive Vex energy signature.

Ghost And the only way to reach it is down past those giant, pointy drill bits? Good!
Ghost You know, Cayde got stuck stealing from the Vex. Why didn’t that happen to the Red Legion?

Failsafe Calculating Red Legion similarity to the Cayde-6: .0001%

Failsafe #2 Plus, you know, Cayde’s dumb.

Ghost You’re both depressing and unhelpful

Guardian waits around the terminal

Ghost That thing won’t activate itself. I’d do it, but this shell doesn’t have arms.
Ghost About that lever…

Zavala There’s a lever? Is that the holdup? Why don’t you just pull it?
Ghost There must be a button we can push. Right?

Ghost scans the terminal

Ghost I think they want their drill back!

Ghost I hope this is safe. The Cabal don’t need to stick the landing. We do.
Ghost Let’s hope this thing launches in the right direction! Or it’s going to be a short trip.
Ghost I think it’s lined up. Right?

Guardian jumps into the Man Cannon

Ghost Are you sure about this?
Ghost I’ll be honest. I don’t like this one bit.
Ghost Zavala’s gonna owe us big for this.

Legion Dig Site, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Ghost Oh, no. Please. Nonononono. Please. Please. No!
Ghost Aaaahhhhhhhh!
Ghost This is fine. This is fine. This is fine. This is just fine.

The Inverted Spire, Unstable Centaur, Nessus

Ghost Hey, Zavala? We found it. Big Vex. Bigger guns.

Zavala Good hunting, Guardian.
Ghost This must be what the Cabal were looking for.

Failsafe No! Really?

Failsafe #2 What gave it away?

Ghost How dare you.
Ghost Uh, guys? We’ve encountered a massive Vex Mind.

Failsafe Watch your back, friend! I’m detecting multiple ordnance types.

Ghost You’re not helping!

Protheon, Modular Mind appears

Ghost Uh, hey… what’s happening to the floor?
Ghost It’s taking the floor out!

The first floor disappears

Protheon changes to Solar with an Arc weapon

Ghost: It’s switching guns!

The second floor disappears

Ghost Watch your feet!

Protheon changes to Arc

Protheon is badly damaged

Ghost Oh! Good Shot!
Ghost Don’t lose your head!
Ghost In your face!

Protheon, Modular Mind is defeated

Ghost: That did it! Modular Mind is down!
Ghost Zavala. Modular Mind neutralized.

Zavala Well done. Failsafe, what’s your assessment of this incident?

Failsafe Vex records indicate the Cabal discovered the Mind, and dug into this world to capture it. Had the Red Legion achieved their goal, I estimate a 60% chance this planetoid would have been destroyed in the ensuring battles. Luckily, the captain stepped in.

Ghost Huzzah!
Zavala Vex weapons would have been a nightmare in Red Legion’s hands. you won us an entire theater of this war. I would say you deserve a rest, but we need you elsewhere. Something tell me that suits you just fine.
Ghost It’s not getting up from that! Zavala, we’re good.

Failsafe #2 So… Cabal scientists can take a punch, but they’re not very smart. I guess they cracked open the planet and that Mind cam crawling out?

Ghost Golden Age computer core and that’s all she came up with? I could’ve said that.

Failsafe If you like my insight, I’ve filed an after-action report complete with four-hundred and thirty-three tactical notes. I win.

Ghost Sigh.
Ghost Hey. Hey, failsafe.

Failsafe Yes, friendly Ghost?

Ghost We did it. We did a great job. Admit it.

Failsafe #2 Technically, the captain did it. You live in his backpack.

Ghost Ugh! Switch off.


Created The Inverted Spire based on this post.

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The strike has alternative dialogue which isn’t on that run through. Failsafe calling Cayde dumb. The backpack comment. Etc

It would be good to capture that dialogue too.

I’m also not 100% sure if “Failsafe Second Half” is a good name to use.

How about Failsafe #2?

It was the first thing in my head. I have some other dialogue from other runs I can add.

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This was great!
One typo though "they want to build more guns*."
I loved reading this cause I got a lot of dialogue that I’ve never experienced before!

I actually like that name!
It shows that it’s Failsafe’s split personality and not an extra sub-program.

I think that name could give the wrong idea, as if the dialogue is coming from a sub-program of Failsafe rather than being a part of Failsafe.

I updated the dialogue with all the parts I have recorded. I don’t have the Cayde references or the backpack one. There might be some more I am missing. Anyone with those please reply here so I can add them.


The only dialogue I’m missing now is the backpack at the end of the strike. Anyone have it?

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Unfortunately, no.
But I’ve seen it on the Internet many times!

Late to the party here, but I have the backpack line!

I also have some lines that play if you stall on certain parts of the strike.

Before launching onto the drill:

(There’s a third one, IIRC, but I never got it to play)

After launching onto the drill, before pressing the button:

Edit: I’m going through my D2 playlist right now and I found a couple more lines that are missing:

I thiiiiiiink I spotted them all, but just in case, here’s the playlist if anyone wants to double check.


This is amazing!
@Baxter we’ve finally found Optional Dialogue!
EDIT: This makes me really excited for other Optional Dialogues! These were funny!