The Materials of the Sol System (And Exotic Making)

So, I was thinking about a few different things recently.
One, what is an entire, compiled list of the System’s Resources, and what can they do?
Also, what is the entire process of making an Exotic? (As we’ve seen from the Wardcliff Coil incident, it doesn’t seem to take that long.)

I honestly think that one could make an exotic by slapping things onto a gun until it does something cool. At least that’s how most Hunters do it… but I would think it is something similar. I honestly think, that exotics are just people messing around with a gun until it does something cool when it is fired. And that’s that. As for the list? Well there’s the planetary materials, exotic shards, legendary shards, stuff like that?

Yeah, the Planetary Materials and whatnot.
(Like Hadium, Spiritbloom, Relic Iron, Glimmer, Engrams, Legendary/Exotic Shards. Etc.)

don’t forget the bodies of god(s) or some specially made for enemies like Dregs promise or Lord of wolves and Queenbreaker that are mostly just standard issue to the fallen

while I cant help you resource wise, but in how exotics are made? Jubi had it pretty close and that is likely how some are actually made, others are golden age artifacts that have been redesigned or just found, some are the master-works of gunsmiths, some are just unique one of a kind guns, others like malfeasance are random special guns that have been mass produced, others are things specific to certain races and have been modified for humans, skyburners oath, queenbreakers bow, other, in short exotics are just rare and unique weapons found all over the system, and while skyburners oath may be exotic to us, its just standard equip for the legion

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it is honestly weird because we use standard issue (as far as I know) weapons from other races as the best weapons in the solar system like the lore entry from Varik’s lore book shows him persuading Cayde with a Dreg’s Promise and them treating it like it was unique. Maybe it is made differently from other weapons?

or Variks was just swindling on of the less intelligent vanguard members

Harsh but fair. The hard truth good sir. Apparently being interesting comes at a cost in the Destiny universe. In any case, I feel it has something to do with the fact that these weapons come from special situations, like the Dreg’s Promise is from when a friendly Dreg made a promise with a guardian. Instead of trying to murder him/her. I haven’t read most of the lore cards for these kinds of weapons, but I am pretty sure they come from similar situations.

Generally speaking, exotics are just really powerful pieces of equipment. In terms of weapons, this is demonstrated by things like Super Good Advice, which used a microtransmat to return missed bullets to the mag. (In general, D1 was better about giving an explanation, rather than just space magic.) Other weapons, like Touch of Malice, were forged specifically to use space magic, in this case the Sword Logic. However, the armor is a bit more complicated. We know Light, at least to a degree, behaves in a scientifically demonstrable (albeit complicated) manner. Thus, I think armor more acts in a way that allows us to channel our light in a specific way. This can be shown in the Chromatic Fire, which uses crystals that attune to the energy they are exposed to.

Sooo… basically just throw shit together until it works and does something cool and potentially makes it more dangerous?

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I believe that’s the case for the Cerberus +1…

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while this is true for some we all made malf with a very particular goal in mind and found the exact right stuff for it, not just putting random stuff together

Yes, but that could just be gameplay wise, not necessarily accurate with lore.

Yeah, really we could have been given a list of things that might be cool to experiment with and then Malfesance happened. =/

what about a quest that gives out uniqe exotics depending on what materials you collected

Shrug Well how do we know these materials do anything when combined if someone didn’t go, “let’s just jam these together and see what happens” before us?