The Nessus Questions

So we have the seen the Nessus from the trailer and from the gameplay reveal, but there is a question about it that has been bothering me for a while. If we found the Nessus now, how come we didn’t know about it earlier? And, if Rasputin supposedly took control of the other warminds, how come he didn’t control Failsafe?
During the gameplay reveal, we see that Cayde was trapped in one of the Vex portals. Does that mean the Vanguard knew about it but didn’t bother to tell us? Have they lied to us? Hopefully we get the answer in Destiny 2.

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Because we were still exploring our solar system. Remember, it wasn’t until TTK that we went to Saturn, and that was to fight a god hellbent on our destruction. Then ROI drew our focus back to Earth and excluding the Age of Triumph, we stayed focused there until the Cabal came and wrecked it all.

The Collapse happened at least four hundred years ago. Failsafe is probably a lesser AI, not a full on Warmind. Also, all that we know of Rasputin is local to Earth; and the Rasputin cards were only relevant to what was released at the time. Yes, Rasputin knew of Nessus, but the writers didn’t see fit to tell us this information – or else they made it up on the fly when creating to D2, and kept it a secret.

The Vanguard may or may not have known it; Cayde was acting alone as far as I can gather, because they’re scattered after the Cabal came, so he probably knew some things that he didn’t share with the rest of his buds.

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Ya. He is very secretive about some things.

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Well just because its not in the lore doesnt mean it doesn’t exist, could just be omission. Not to mention that nessus wasn’t even in the system for 125 years


Could you specify on that?

Ghost Fragment: Cayde-6 here discusses it.

Well the nessus question is answered. So ill assume that you asked about omission.

  • Think of it this way, there are other regions in the planets we currently have, like mare imbrium, the edz, old chicago etc… and we know that they exist, and things are going on there, like guardian patrols, enemy movement things like that.
    -Also it is safe to assume that the city has built a ton of infrastructure,things like weapon factories, raw resource mining, testing facilities. And even more mundane things like waste management, potable water, food growing, and farms.
    The point in all of this? Theres a ton of things and details in the story that we just dont see but that do exist, and even if we dont see them in the grimoire. Remember, game developers (and books and movies and shows) are crafting an experience for the consumer, and theyll glaze over minor points (even potential plot points) that will mar or ruin the experience.
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Thank you so much for bringing my attention to that!
I’ve read the card but since I read it before the reveal I skimmed over "Nessus*."
I was about to make a lore post asking why a made-up planet is in Destiny when all the past planets have been real.
Now it makes sense because it’s in the lore!

Nessus actually exists. It doesn’t actually disappear. But its orbit enters our solar system every 122.4 earth years. At it’s closest, it’s closer than Uranus. It’s called a centaur. It’s officially called 7066 nessus. It was discovered in 1993.


I thought Failsafe was a colony ship AI, not a warmind.

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Thanks for the knowledge!

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lol that was before all of the new stuff was revealed.

Damn it! What do I have to go read where?

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