The Nine as Planets

Ok, so the new lore with Joker’s Wild has been pretty great. However, I’m still a little confused about the actual significance of their being. This is gonna sound really existential, and in a way it is: if we assume that the Nine are some kind of sentience currently bound to the planet’s cores (and possibly the sun), then does that mean our guardians are 1. totally pointless because eventually the sun dies and the Nine with it, or 2. stuck in an endless loop in which the Nine do harness the light/dark to make themselves free from the cores, leaving us with the traveler and ghosts to perpetuate life?


It’s all very interesting, and I love learning more about the Nine. It seems to me that the Nine are trying to find a way to break their reliance on our System. As you say here:

because eventually the sun dies and the Nine with it

I think it’s definitely the Nine’s goal right now to break free from our system so they can go off and do their wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff. Right now it’s too soon to say exactly what the Nine are planning. But, with the Invitations of the Nine releasing over the next weeks, I think it’ll become more apparent and hopefully we can revisit this topic!


I am so dang happy after reading the Nine lore because it proved that one of the oldest theories in the destiny theoryverse has been basically confirmed

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Oof weren’t the cabal close to accomplishing this?

I find that…interesting considering the rest of the new lore.


I bet the nine were terrified but y’now they asked for it, I mean they are the ones that disabled our satellites when the Red Legion showed up

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This is the internal struggle between the Nine and their two factions.

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I’ve got a question, regarding the Nine being consciousness’s bound to planets in our system. In Dust and Ecdysis, it is heavily implied the Nine inhabit an extra-dimensional/universal universe or realm, which easily explains their “gift(?)” of the copper box containing the inhabitable worlds of our galaxy/universe. Where did the idea of the Nine being bound to our system come from, especially given than only a few planets here are capable of supporting the life and ecosystems they sprang from (see Book: Dust, Entry: The Nine).

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I assume you refer to this line “(for Ghaul would have destroyed the sun, and the Nine with it)” but I am still missing the explicit connection. To me, this simply means the Sun is tied to their existence in some manner, not that they are our Planets “gaia intelligences.” Their manipulation of Dark Matter (dust) also seems to promote my idea that they inhabit a realm extra dimensional to ours.

I hadn’t thought of this!

Perhaps then the Nine aren’t necessarily “bound to our system”, but some of the Nine are reliant on our system, as the Traveller is essentially making its last stand on Earth, and as mentioned in the lore tab, could use the Light to free their dependance on matter-life.

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There is another option as well, that just occurred to me. If we accept that the Nine are extra dimensional, it follows that they could inhabit a “closer” space in that dimension than the worlds from which they “grew” in our universe. I.E. one of the Nine could be a consciousness spawned from a planet in the Amiable Ecumene space that escaped notice from the Hive while another could be spawned from Torobatle and so on but still be able to communicate with each other in a way that seems very physically close. With this in mind, is it a stretch to say the Nine arose from the Sky’s involvement (via the Traveler or other agents) with life (I’m thinking the Terraforming of Mars and Io which gave rise to massive life growth) and are thus bound to the Traveler (and now our system) both for its ability to allow them to survive without matter-life and its link to that which Created them?

The Traveler may be one of the Nine