The objectives of the Vex

So while playing AC Origins, I managed to come across a very interesting location, where it began to talk about the theory of time. And this was very insightful, and made me begin to think about the potential objectives of the Vex, in relation to time. We have always known that the Vex have aimed to make themselves a fundamental part of the timeline, and the universe as a whole. However, we have never had an idea as to how they could possibly achieve this.

Until today.

To summarise, this takes the form of the linear idea of time. Time can be seen in two different ways. There are paths, which are the constantly changing potentialities of the timelines, never able to be clearly defined. But at certain points, all of these paths converge into a single choke point, known as a node. This node is a specific event that must occur across all timelines. Time will always try to ensure that this occurs, as it is a fundamental occurrence for the timeline to function as intended.

This final goal of the Vex could therefore be to become one of these nodes: a single thing existing across all timelines. This would allow for them to conquer all timelines, and gain a foothold in them. Becoming a node would ensure that they are a temporal constant.

This goal, and this way of enacting it, could have been the motive behind the creation of the Glass throne, and Atheon, times conflux. In fact, this idea is directly supported by Atheon’s role, Times “Conflux”. A conflux is a flowing together of two or more paths or streams, or at least this is the dictionary definition. So the glass throne would have been the location where all these paths converge into a single choke point, giving the vex access to all timelines.
However, when looking at what has occurred on Mercury, we know that the Vex’s final goal is to make themselves the end state of the universe, which is accomplishable through this means.

As well as this, these nodes must always take place, in order to time to flow correctly, It may already be the case that the Vex have made themselves a node, and all the times we have stopped them, such as in the Vault of Glass, and potentially with the defeat of Panoptes, simply pushes back to time this eventuality will take place.This allows us to make sense of what Osiris said in the comic released by Bungie. We cannot simply fight the Vex forever, for after forever, this node will occur, and their goal will be complete. Instead, we must fight them for longer than forever, so as to ensure that this node never occurs in out timeline, and that our universe is safe from the dystopian future the Vex aim to create.

Remember, this is all merely a theory. However, it gives a better understanding as to how the Vex may be attempting to completing their mission.

Thank you for reading, and have an amazing New Year folks!


Awesome, really makes sense. It reminds me of the Final Destination movies. Where each character is supposed to die in the initial accident (the node). So as the movie goes on, fate reconfigures itself to ensure each character ends up dying as they would have in the accident.

Just made a small edit to the writing. I did write this very early in the morning, so some of it may be a little all over the place

Excellent theory! #MindBlown