The Promethean Code (Heroic)

Here’s the current Promethean Code transcript on IC. These two missions follow the same transcript up until right at the end where the Heroic version for Hunger Pangs brings us into a new area with some new dialogue referencing Voluspa.

Name: Quest: Promethean Code (Heroic), Hunger Pangs
Recorded: 2020.05.14

Heroic Transcript Ending @ 3:10:

Ghost: These cryptosystems follow no logic I understand. Cayde, are you sure this will work on a Guardian?

Cayde-6: Where do you think Bladedancers got their cloaking —

** The platform begins to descend.

Cayde-6: Woah, wh-where are you going?

Ghost: It wasn’t me.

Cayde-6: You cracked the Voluspa protocol? I’ve been trying to get in there for years. How did — [static]

Ghost: We lost them. Well, we may as well have a look around.

** The Guardian explores the mine. Bracus appears alongside multiple Taken.

Ghost: Great. I hope we get some better pants out of this.

** The Guardian defeats Bracus and the Taken.

Essence of the Feast

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