The Ralkren: Chai B'Seret

All right, the second entry into The Ralkren. This is a completely new character that you have never heard of before. Although, she may have met someone in the story that you have heard from before…

I am going to write entire books on each of these characters, but I’m starting with tid bits of lore first.

Let me know what you think!

Hey! That’s mine! Guardian, DO SOMETHING!

On it.

The Guardian starts toward the engram thief. She starts by walking, then at a full on sprint. She can’t seem to reach him. The thief takes a sharp right turn. This is unexpected to the Guardian, as she tumbles and destroys an apple booth right in the middle of the Tower Hangar. Everyone looks at her, angered that a Guardian could be so careless.

Oh, that man is going to get it when I catch him…

She continues to run, and then slows her pace.

Where did he go?

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees him. He is getting ready to lunge at her from atop a small stack of crates hidden behind some very thin curtains. When he does, The Guardian reaches up with her Ark fist and delivers a blow to his groin.

Hah! I got him!

The exotic engram drops to the ground, and she gives it back to the person who owned it.

Thank you, Guardian.

The owner smirks. When the Guardian turns to walk away, she noticed his low, scratchy voice seemed familiar.


But the engram owner was already gone.

I like it, but I believe you should post this in a specific DM we have issued to people in order to stop flooding the entire Ishtar Collective with Community Creations. Not trying to be rude, it’s just that I’m trying to stop you, and everyone else, from getting in trouble.
But I do like it though!

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Also, just filter them out. Not that hard.

If you look, most of those are just from recently. Also, this is meant to be a place to discuss the lore of the Ishtar Collective, not a place to post stories. Some are OK, but there is just way too many. Like @Ember-3 said, you should start a private message thread with everyone, and then people can leave if they don’t want to see them.

Filter them out?

Why would Baxter make an entire web domain for something we shouldn’t post in…

He added that in case some people had some ideas here and there. Not for some massive conglomeration of Community Creations, which is what appears to be going on at the time.

Ok, ok, I made the message.

Thank you! That way, we aren’t clogging up the works, y’know? :smile:

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What you could do is have everyone refine their stories in the messages, and then post them here when they are finished, as one large story, not small unrefined parts. Then we wouldn’t be clogging up the works, as Ember said.

Would we even have enough space for a large story?

You would be surprised how big the posts can be. If it doesn’t fit, then use multiple posts.