The Ralkren: Yalla-Tor

NOTE: I’ve rebooted all of the stories I’ve posted. I wasn’t happy with them, and felt that I could do better. Everything I post on this book will be final, and I won’t change anything.

This IS how the book is supposed to be written. You are supposed to decipher who is who. Unfortunately, you may not be able to fully depict who is who in this section, because the other sections compliment this one. I.E. you won’t have all the information you need to put a name on one character until you read a new section. These sections are supposed to be cryptic, so don’t get mad please.

This is the first section in The Ralkren. It’s a book that touches on some lore on each member of my imaginary fireteam, the Ralkren. Let me know what you think. i’m open to changes if you think anything could be written better.

You believe power is the only way protect yourself? You are mistaken.

Wayfarer, you are the one who has been mistaken. For without power, you shall surely die.

What makes you think of this?

Have you not the power of light?


The how would I protect myself from the likes of you? If I have no power, I cannot fight something that possesses it.

I do no seek to kill because of your growth in power. I hunt you because you seek the wrong kind.

And what may that be, Wayfarer?

You know as well as I do.

The Darkness? You do not understand it. That is why you want to eradicate it. But you do not know everything. The Light cannot exist without the Dark. You don’t want to look at the universe from the Dark’s view. You care only about protecting specimens that that will parish anyway.



You shall die where you stand.

I do not care.

What? You always speak of self preservation!

Yes, but I know now that you Guardians have no good reason to wield the Light.

We wield the Light because it is good.

Nothing is good. The Light and Dark are more closely related than your puny mind will willingly perceive. Your Traveler is just as selfish as me.

So you admit it…

Yes. Again, selfish acts are what keep us alive. We protect ourselves no matter the cost. Am I dead? No.

It seems you are mistaken.

And just as the Dredgen spoke a protest, he was gone. Dead. Slain by the Wayfarer’s Hammer of Sol. The Wayfarer does not regret this act. It hurts him. More than anything. Pains him to his very core, his very… being. By killing the Dredgen, he put the last nail in the coffin of his only true friend.

Okay, I have been looking at your characters only one of which is known to be a Dredgen, that being Xakai which is who I believe the “Dredgen” is in this situation. As for the Wayfarer, I believe that is the narrator (who’s name escapes my mind or out right was not stated) from the other text about saving Xakai from himself. I believe this is the point in their relationship where things have gone sour and the Wayfarer (which also could be the Drifter which opens a whole new can of worms) is forced to execute Xakai, his or her friend.

Pretty close! Read the next entry for more detail on the other team members.