The Reef once ruled Mars

On a reddit post I discovered an item, Long Tomorrow-9G that states Mara Sov once ruled Mars itself. This clears up two mysteries for me, personally.

The first is Valus Trau’ug’s seemingly bizarre attack with no backup from the rest of the Cabal command – which indicates that the Cabal and the Awoken probably had a ceasefire agreement when the Awoen abandoned Mars, which is why they disavowed all knowledge of his actions. (This apparently doesn’t hold true from the Crows, but they’re espionage agents anyway.)

The second is why Mars fell to the Cabal in the first place. According to all known data, the Cabal arrived sometime in the wake of the Collapse and encountered no meaningful resistance on Mars; the human empire of the Golden Age was already destroyed by whatever paracausal powers the Darkness and the Traveler battled it out with, so surely all of those weapons and troops the Cabal brought were for naught as they conquered Phobos and later went down to the surface. The Vex had no interest in Mars until the Cabal discovered their entrance to the Black Garden, or so I can ascertain.

What do you all think?


The Cabal arriving was the last the last thing that occurred in the collapse. The humans did give resistance, but were soon overwhelmed by the Cabal.

I think ruled could be a bit of a over estimation of what the Awoken were doing in Mars. I mean, we see no other indication of them ever being there. No mention of outposts or activity there. Or for that matter, any retreat from the Cabal.

Not saying that they didn’t. After all, when the Stranger didn’t tell us where to find the black garden, it was the [Queen who sent us to Mars] (

It just never came across as ‘her territory’ lost or otherwise. Maybe more of ‘this is my land because I claim it, but really it has no strategic importance to me’

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True enough. I interpreted it as they once had control over it until the Cabal came, and now nominally hold claim to it because they don’t have the firepower to take it back.


Mars does seem to have way more Crow drones than we’ve ever seen in one place.


This is fascinating, and it also made a thought occur to me:Why don’t the Awoken (Or humans) have any outposts or planetary stations on ANY planet?
We’ve cleared some areas for the crucible but no real improvements or advances have been made in construction of new buildings.
Any thoughts guys?

The Last Array mentions former colonies that Dead Orbit tried to make contact with, but I always assumed it meant colony buildings and AI. Although it is possible there’re other enclaves of humans out there, just that for the purposes of the game they weren’t implemented. Venus is a possibility, but Mars and the Moon are a no no, including the Jovians.

As for why the Guardians stuck to constructing the Crucible, well, they weren’t a conventional force that could hold areas indefinitely, like the Cabal. The Crucible in effect is both training ground and defense force already, because any enemies that show up the Guardian game is over and twenty-four Guardians turn their weapons upon the foe. But the reason they don’t hold onto areas long except for Crucible training (like this one) is because of the constant enemy presence.

The Awoken have scouts, but they were an isolationist people.

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It was heavily implied at the end of the opening mission that the only place humans now ‘inhabit’ is the last city. (Side note here @baxter the cut scene between a guardian rises and restoration isn’t in the transcript list.) The Speaker tells us that the last city is the last place the traveller can protect. The implication being that normal humans cannot survive without the protection of the traveller, and only guardians could fend for themselves.

Of course, with ROI, we see Warlords governing over a population away from the traveller, but it could be argued that because they wielded the light, they were a minor extension of the protection the traveller provided.

There are stories of the refugees travelling to the city, and the guardians going out there to protect and escort them… But also non guardians.

But I still think you have a valid point. We are beyond living memory of the collapse and dark age. So, why don’t we get to see any settlements or colonies. Successful ones. That dead obit reference is the only one I can think of, but it’s made to sound as if something went wrong.

The awoken are or were in a good position to do it. They had far more working resources. born of both light and dark, you would think that they would be more resilient to what ever the implied threat is that thertraveller protects normal humans from. However, was it not said that they suffered incredibly heavy losses during the reef wars? Plus they seem to guard their reef with jealous secrecy. I’d imagine that if they did have outposts, they would be tactical, military in nature and very well hidden. And it’s not as if we have been to many places in the solar system.


That is a good point. Even though we have pushed the Darkness back so far, but we have never really attempted to take territories back.
I think we might be doing this in Destiny 2. Osiris was banned from the Vanguard for messing with the Vex. So we might have take some territory back on Venus to get some kind of new power for the new (if we are getting one) Darkness based subclass.

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the only connection between Mars & the Queen that comes in my mind is the fact that it was her brother Prince Uldren who found the Black Garden on Mars. I think thats on the grimoire card where he crash-landed there after the space battle vs Dreadnought.

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Hey @GhostDante and @pirate_dani, thank you for your replies!
I wanted to reply and thank you individually but I’ve been warned already about cluttering the forums.
I appreciate the input!

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I’m still confused on prince Uldren’s crows. Are they robotic drones that resemble crows? Or is something to do with one of the supertistions about crows?

Also, in the 3 cut scenes that prince uldren is featured in, his armor has a striking similarity to that of a hunters. Is this a clue about his past or a mere coincidence?
Or is it so, if Prince Uldren wanted to, could try to infiltrate the tower? I find this unlikely but also very likely for similar reasons. I find it unlikely because of the Prince’s …hatred or distrust toward Guardians? I can’t find the appropriate word to describe it.

But I find it likely because of his initial distrust that he would spy on the tower or attempt to infiltrate the tower.

If anyone could clear this up for me, it would be much appreciated

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Hope this helps with the Crows.


Thanks! I’ll watch it once I get home

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The Grimoire heavily implies they are actual robotic birds. Also, I think his resemblance to a Hunter is both coincidence and a reuse of game assets, plus in his original incarnation he would have been what Cayde is now.

Original Incarnation?

In the original story of Destiny.

Oh right, you mean the story that they spent gods knows how many years developing and then scrapped a year before release.

I forgot that part

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