The Relation Between the Winnower and Gardener to the Pyramids and the Traveler

In the book Unveiling, we are told the story of the Gardener and the Winnower and how they created the universe and ultimately became opposites of one another. The Winnower wanted to govern the Garden with 4 strict rules that everyone— everything— had to abide by. The Winnower felt that this did not involve them, and never should. This was the Flower Game, also known as the Game of Life. The Gardener was unsatisfied with the absence of free will and repetitiveness of the Garden and the Flower Game. It was unhappy and frustrated with how the universe came to one ending every time and wanted to add itself to bring preservation and complexity to the Flower Game.

The Gardener and the Winnower wrestled in the garden, trampling everything they had made. This was a symbol to show how the two eventually put themselves in the game. Although the Winnower made an effort to stop this 5th and 6th rule from being added to the Game of Life, it was of no use as the cosmos had already been altered and there was no going back. Later in the book, the Winnower starts talking to the Guardian in the entry The Wager. It was talking in a very convincing tone and wanted to get the Guardian in its side because it knows how powerful the Guardian is. It mentioned that it would come and visit the Guardian in response to a question it gave the Guardian.

We now have the Pyramids persuing the Traveler and trying to convince Guardians to join it. We also know that the two paracausal beings known as the Gardner and The Winnower are at odds with each other and want to govern the cosmos differently. The Winnower wants a simple universe with an ending, and the Gardener wants complexity, preservation, and free will. The Gardener and the Winnower added themselves into the Flower Game by wrestling in the garden, which is why the Winnower states that despite his efforts to prevent these new rules, they were already there and were unchangeable.

I say all this to say, I think that the Winnower and The Gardener added themselves as the Pyramids and the Traveler, respectively. We see that the Traveler may have also talked to the Guardian in the entry p53. I say may because it says in the very first line, “Thank you for making room in your life for another talking ball.” The word ‘another’ doesn’t make sense because I don’t know of any other talking balls that the Guardian has talked to. It may also be a future vision. It may not even be talking to the Guardian at all. We just don’t know.

If I missed any key details or misinterpreted anything, please let me know. I would hate to spread false information. I will remind you most of what I said is a theory being backed by another theory. It is all speculation, and I am open to ideas and criticism by anyone.

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Could also just be refering to Dinklebot, or that Unknown Artifact, or both. But the Traveler is a good one, except it really kinda only speaks in visions.

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