The Speaker's race


One day weeks ago I looked a the speakers jood and saw grey wrinkley skin and I thought "what race could he be? Could he be a cabal psion or awoken, human?
What do you guys think?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Cabal
  • Awoken
  • Human


Cabal? Really? :sleepy:


Well…if there’s always been a Speaker then he/she must surely predate the Awoken. I personally think originally the Speaker was human but now, could be Awoken or even Exo too.


There’s no real evidence for any of these. There’s definitely nothing to suggest that the Speaker is a psion…


I was thinking “other” should be a category. He’s a creepy demagogue with a pseudo-religious connection with the Traveler. What if he’s the original Astronaut? The one who lived a long time and was a “math genius?” His name escapes me.


There’s this handy website that has all of the lore on it where you can look these things up :stuck_out_tongue:

His name was Jacob Hardy. It’s possible, I guess. But if you’re saying that you think that the Speaker is Jacob Hardy then you are implicitly saying that you think he is not a psion :wink:


I always thought he might be Hardy.


I thought he might be a psion since we dont know what a psion acutely looks like and since Gaul speaks are tongue I figured why cant psions?


“handy website.” Yeah i was on the go when i scan through this so i didn’t have time to research properly. Forgive me, I’m not a proper Warlock you know, gotta conquer the Darkness and all :wink:


You know? If I am right you all will be extremely pissed off :slight_smile:


Hehe :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely possible that the Speaker is a psion, but given the evidence that we have available it is just as likely that the Speaker is a thrall, or a dreg.

And all of those options are far less likely than the possibility that the Speaker is a Human or an Awoken or an Exo.

Just because there are multiple possibilities, that does not mean each possibility is equally likely. :wink:

So if it turns out the Speaker is a Psion I will say, “ok”, and I will be perfectly happy with it because there will be evidence. But until that day comes I will say “there is no evidence to suggest this over other, more likely possibilities”.


:joy: :joy:
(I have to type this sentence to be allowed to post.)


Actually he is the Emperor of Mankind shepherding humanity until it is time to reveal his Holiness and unite everyone in a Great Crusade.


Seeeeeeems legit!
But what if the speaker is actually a couple of ghosts in a suit???:thinking:


LOL that’s ridiculous. At least ghosts have a decent sense of sarcasm…


Probably not all ghosts, I think ghosts have unique personalities!


I’m only going to be mad if the Speaker turns out to be Taox.


So will I, in fact. Because it would make no sense whatsoever.


Pretty sure the speaker is the spawn of Savathun and Nokris who they sent to be trained by the Exo Stranger so that he could convince Rasputin to shoot the Traveler.


TEN OUT OF TEN, this is the BEST THEORY! :joy: :joy::joy: