The Sunforge Timeline

When was the SunForge created? Before or after the collapse

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I presume it was created after the Collapse, because it is either a creation of the Sunbreaker mercenaries or else was imported by the Vex when they cyberformed Mercury.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Possibly after spirit’s banishment as well.

Spirit who now? I’m not aware of a “spirit” anywhere in Destiny.

(I’m guessing that must be a typo…?)

The Vex are known to be involved with the types of Light; they are masters of Void, but the statues in the Black Garden are known as the Sol Progeny. I’ve seen theories that the Hammer of Sol is a Vex artifact, since they are builders, but I’m not sure about it.
I think it more likely to be a creation of the Sunbreakers, much like The Last Word imprinted on the Golden Gun technique. Since you summon the Hammer of Sol from the Sunforge, in that context it would make sense that the Sunbreakers made the Sunforge. Especially thinking on the fact that Osiris went to Mercury, and then the Sunbreakers joined Osiris, whereupon we later discover a Sunbreaker stronghold on Mercury.

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This was so long ago but I think I meant Osiris

Was forever ago but Osiris WHOOPS

Oh. lolz!

If anything, Toland would technically fit the requirements, since he has no mortal body anymore.

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