The Traveler and Pattern Screaming

I think it’s because we haven’t whole heartedly (Canonically) taken the mantle of Sword Logic, nor the Mantle of the Taken King. (As stated in one of the Toland messages, where he says “You have killed Oryx, but you have not yet replaced him.” or something along those lines, idk how to quote stuff from the Ishtar Collective quite yet.)

In any case. I will definitely be using these ideas in writing furthermore. Because I was gonna have one of my characters die and come back as “Aurus” the incarnation of Light. Who will go on a solo crusade against the Darkness. Soon enough ditching his timeline because he’s fixed all the problems there. Now just jumping around universes and timelines to just goof around and make things right there. In a way he’s a Jester but also a Knight. If that makes sense.

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yeah you definitely should