The Traveler and Pattern Screaming

If you are familiar with the SCP universe, then you may be familiar with the term “Pattern Screamer” or “Pattern Screaming.” If not, let me give a brief explanation, basically being a pattern screamer means you can (obviously) pattern scream, this is the ability to change reality itself. And recently with one of my absurdly powerful characters mentioned that in some of the things he’s learned over his massive life time (Will explain later). And it got me thinking… the Traveler alters reality, as does Oryx and other extremely powerful beings. What if… and now I am here. Wondering if perhaps this is how they do it, using various “logics” as their pattern, and then altering reality as they see fit. Of course, this is just the spinfoil ramblings of a Mad Warlock. So… just mull that over and feel free to grill me in comments.

Also here’s mah boi’s backstory
He originated as a soldier in the Russian army and died in a war, then was revived as a guardian, then did the campaigns, raids, strikes, and missions. He was eventually regarded as the greatest guardian to ever live because of the power he had attained. But he grew tired of being unable to have a proper challenge. So he decided to travel throughout the multiverse and just… mess about. Essentially, he’s Saitama from OPM.

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I’m going to look up this Pattern Screaming, because I LOVE the SCP Foundation.

I am getting into it, I more so love the concept of there being ridiculously powerful beings held back by normal humans. As well as just the thought of how cool they are. Also considering making an RP for it just for the fun of goofing around with obsecenly powerful characters.

Well, an SCP RP is hard, I’ll move to DMs to tell you more about it.

Okey, should I message you or you me?

Maybe this is different in the Destiny Universe, but I’m a firm believer in that you can’t twist and alter the fabric of reality without it snapping back to it’s original form. I don’t think logics like the Bomb or the Sword necessarily alter reality, I like to think of them as plays on a chess board. The board itself is reality. The pawns, kings, queens etc. are the players, and the moves are the logics the players enact.

That’s the way I look at it anyway.

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The only real time we use the logic of the sword(To my knowledge) is in Crota’s End when fighting the glowy boi himself, as well as in Kingsfall against Space Dad.

I didn’t say we were using it, I was implying that certain races use certain logics. And @Vertigo Yeah, I was just throwing something out there for fun

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It’s very interesting, and definitely a conversation we should continue to have as we learn more about the Light and the Dark.

Thanks for taking the time of day to look at this too. I love putting my ideas out there no matter how dumb they look later on. People are sometimes so interesting to just sit down and have a chat with.


Yeah I see what your saying it makes a lot of sense

Yay! Affirmation of my idiotic ramblings! Or just… not? Idfk anymore plz send help.

Yeah Jubi LMAO Id go with the first

Thank you, Mansu-San. Gives slight bow

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No Problem Jubi-Sama. Gives slight bow back

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What did I just witness? Is this some Hunter thing I’m not understanding?

It’s Just Anime stuff Ember-3

I worry for your health. Jk.

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this is hilarious btw why don’t we have a throne world like thing for us we should be stronger than anything else

Idk. Probably something to do with us not utilizing the Sword Logic when killing all in our way. Or just that we are beings of Light so we don’t? Idfk. It’s probably that Bungie doesn’t want to implement that yet or at all. Possibly for Destiny 3??? Like our character gets killed and we wake up in our Throne World with an irrational sense of revenge?? But like first we need to traverse the Hive realm?? So like we come back unexpectedly or something?

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