The Traveler’s messages during “New Powers”: Why the Trees?

In the Forsaken mission entitled “New Powers”, we get to hear what I said to be the Traveler’s voice for the first time, which is whole weird subject on its own. But why were there strange trees on Io? What were their purpose? Why were the Taken so enthused by it? Were they apparitions made by the Traveler? I know that the Traveler has repeatedly been called “the Gardener” before, and I thought that was just a metaphor for how it “plants” Light into things, but now its nature seems to literally revolve around plants… unless the trees are in fact apparitions made by the Traveler and it’s just using imagery to convey how it’s planting a new subclass tree into you. What are your theories?

The trees are as I see it a representation of the light and of those who wield it. The Traveler The ‘seed’ of energy, giving birth to the guardians the roots being the Warlocks the closest to the light and its knowledge. The trunk and the bark of the tree are the Titan the strong steadfast defends, and the dranches, the Hunters the ones who go out into the wilds.


I see. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your theory.