The Vault, The Corridors, Venus, and The Vex

The Sundial on Mercury, which debuted during the ninth season of Destiny 2, Season of Dawn is said to be made of Vex components, an amount of human components, and Light. Light is, for all functional purposes, the paracausal component in the Sundial. While the Vex on Venus do not have access to a tremendous amount of Light, they do have their own paracausal devices, most of which are centered in the Vault of Glass in the Ishtar Sink on Venus. My question is, given the Vault of Glass’ tenuous relationship with time, could Atheon, Time’s Conflux be a mind with the function of accessing the Corridors of Time on Venus for The Vex’ on purposes?

I think to answer your question, another one must be answered first: Are the Corridors of Time a construct of the Vex or of the Sundial?

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I am afraid I do not know, there is a possibility. Given the prominence of Vex architecture and enemies in the corridors, it might indeed be a Vex construct.

The text in The Sundial seems to suggest that the Corridors are of the Sundial and intersect with the Vex Network. If this is truly the case, I would say that the Vex might be able to access the CoT but I do not think Aetheon is the tool to do it. It’s purpose is speculated to be control over the Network and perhaps keep irregularities from occurring that the Vex do not want.


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Exploring the Corridors of Time

“All this time travel with Vex tech. There will be a price to pay, I have no doubt.” —Saint-14

The Sundial — Record

Where those halls were intersected by the Vex network, his Echoes hacked Hobgoblins and Minotaurs apart using Solar Swords powered by sheer will.

The rest eventually succumb to Vex security measures where the network intersects with the corridors of time. Even Osiris’s Light has limits.

From what I can tell, the Corridors of Time are seperate from the Vex Network, but they can cross paths. The Vex Minds have established access to the Corridors of Time, kinda like Osiris’s Sundial, but the Vex Network doesn’t seem to reside within the Corridors of Time.

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