The Warlock's Apprentice

“This…is mine?”

“Yes.” Ikora answered. Her newest student stood stock still in the living/dining room, eyes wide. What very few possessions Selene owned–which consisted only of her battered gun, the armor her Ghost had created for her, and a bag of Glimmer–were clutched closely to the kinderGuardian’s chest. A dazed look of awe was on her face.

“Every Guardian has their own set of rooms.” Ikora watched as Selene wandered into the kitchen. “This ward is dedicated to fledgling Guardians such as yourself. Once you have completed a full year’s worth of duties, you will be relocated to the main dormitories.” She watched as Selene emerged from the kitchen, coming to a stop several feet away.

“And…you are to be my teacher?”

“Yes.” Ikora had made her decision several hours after Selene’s arrival to the City. It had been a while since one of the newly Risen had displayed the aptitude of the Traveler’s warrior-scholars. And while the Warlock Vanguard could have easily given the duty to one of the senior Guardians under her, she had missed teaching–the joy of guiding a student in the ways of the Light, to nurture a newly-Resurrected mind. She saw nerves flick over the baby Guardian’s face, and the worried twitches of her Ghost. Doubtless she’d already heard stories.

“I don’t bite.” Her attempt at an icebreaker, but Ikora watched as Selene’s eyes widened and she clutched her bundle even tighter. “Well, I bite the enemies of the Light, but not students.”

“I…I see.”

…That could have gone better. Ikora cleared her throat.

“Why don’t you put your things away in the bedroom, and then I’ll give you a basic explanation of your new privileges.” She said.

“You do have a curfew during your days off. You’re expected back in your rooms by ten on weekdays, midnight on the weekends and holidays.” Ikora deftly sorted the Glimmer Selene had set on the table into the respective denominations that were commonly used in the City. “If you wish to go into the City, you have to have a senior Guardian escort you.” Selene nodded.

“May I ask how long…for? The escort?” She asked, lacing her fingers together.

“The normal period is six months, but if you’ve adjusted well, it will be three.” Ikora gestured to the Glimmer piles. “These are the basic denominations for Glimmer. If needed you can break them down even smaller to fit your needs.” Selene nodded, her eyes flicking to the table.

“Ozy…said he could make sure I wouldn’t get cheated.” She said softly. Ikora gave her a gentle smile.

“Do you know where you got that name from?” She asked. Selene shook her head. “It is from a very old poem that predates the Traveler.” Rewarded with the novice’s Warlock’s eyes widening, Ikora leaned back in her chair.

“I noticed as well you enjoy reading.” Selene flushed, looking down at her fingers.

“I…like books.” She mumbled.

“Sit up straight. Don’t slouch.” Ikora watched as Selene immediately obeyed. “And that is good. You will be reading a great deal.” She caught the gleam in the other woman’s eyes, and suppressed a smile. “You will have full access to the Tower’s Library, as well as the City’s. But you will not be reading just for the sake of studying, I expect you to fully remember everything that you read.” Pretending to ignore the surprised squeak that came from Selene, Ikora continued.

“Knowledge is power, and combined with the Light, it becomes a powerful weapon. You will be a voice of reason and logic, and you must conduct yourself as such.”


Congratulations! You gave Ikora some personality! She still feels really… bland to me, but then again most of my characters are pretty off the walls in some way, mostly just depressing. But it’s still an improvement from Bungie’s all work and no play who just seems like Zavala but more cryptic. I wish we saw something more like in Destiny instead of just “SHOOOOTTTTT TTTHHHIIINNGGGSS!!! Oh! Sweet! Loot! SHHHHOOOOTTTTT TTTTHHHIIIINNNGGGSSSS!! Cutscene… Tower visit… boring dialogue I don’t care about… SHOOOOTTTTT THHHHIIINNGGGSSSS!!!” Which is a bit of a generalization but… am I that far from the truth? Enough sarcasm I guess, either way I like the more motherly yet subtly awkward Ikora than Female Zavala with Cryptic Tone. It makes her more relatable while not deviating far from her character. Another well made short! Bravo!

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Great job! Personally I like the Cayde one more, but that’s probably because I’m super biased about that. I really do like the angle you put on Ikora though, it made her seem like a person instead of a husk that talks.

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well since I have nothing better to do in the times I’m not idly doing easy work, and the recent surge of CC’s I’m back to writing scathing critiques of good stories in the hopes that I can make them better, though I’m somewhat busy rn so gimme a sec