The Warlock's Axioms

Pt. 2 of my class-based creed piece. While the Titan creed was formatted by a knight’s vows, I decided the Warlock tenets would probably sound closer to a scientific theorem.

The Axioms
By Teleric-3, with input from I. Rey, O. Agah, Taeko-3, et al.
(Printed edition, Tower Library)

With the arrival of the paracausal being known as the Traveler, humanity has been exposed to a new understanding of the universe and its forces. The goal of our orders is thus-to chronicle new discoveries, learn new truths, and safeguard these findings to improve humanity’s standing and continue growth for the future.

Axiom 1: The safeguarding of humanity-its people, its culture, its past, present, and future- is the primary goal of the Warlock, predicated on the understanding that the gift of power from the Traveler in the form of Light is to be used for the benefit of all. The protection of knowledge for the betterment of our order

Axiom 2: The pursuit of knowledge -that is, the acquiring of fact and evidence to prove a theorem-is instrumental for the Warlock pursuit of Axiom One. It is the curiosity of the Warlock that fuels their growth. Through experimentation, study, and research, it is our orders goal to accumulate knowledge for growth, both personal and collective, and pursue new understandings of both traditional sciences and arts-astrophysics, philosophy, mathematics- as well as the new sciences deemed necessary studies by our orders, such as xenobiology, ontology, and paracausal physics in regards to the Light.

Addendum 1: In regards to the Warlock’s Dilemma
In the pursuit of Axiom Two, many of our order’s members have been caught in what Asher Mir has described as the Warlock’s Dilemma- Pursuing knowledge as dictated in Axiom Two in ways that many undeducated minds would see as a violation of Axiom One. Many of our order’s members, in the pursuit of “radical” knowledge known and unknown-thanatonautics, Hive theology, Vex mathematics- have run afoul of objectors from outside our orders- traditionalist Titan orders and Hunter clans, as well as dissenters within our ranks, including many Praxic Order members.

It is thus, with the advising of the Praxic Order, Firebreak Order, and the Vanguard that we propose Axiom 3.

Axiom 3, known as the Osiris Clause, predicates that knowledge must be pursued, even in the short term violation of Axiom One, for the betterment of the City and the long term protection of Axiom One.

By I. Rey

Warlocks are born with a hunger.

The Titans are driven by duty, Hunters by courage and curiosity.

Warlocks are hungry for knowledge.

It drives us forward, occupying our waking thoughts and dreams.

It gnaws at our very being, that desire for more.

More history, more information.

More power.

The close-minded will fear this knowledge that you seek.

Let them.

Sate your hunger and be curious. Go and explore, learn, experiment.

Gain knowledge, gain strength.

Gain power.

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This is incredible and seems like something a Warlock would do and say. Astounding work!