The Whisper Transcript

Name: Quest: The Whisper
Recorded: 2018.07.21


++ Grove of Ulan-Tan, Io
** The Guardian runs through the Grove. Near the Lost Sector chest, the Guardian jumps up to a ledge. They find a Taken blight blocking a tunnel. The Guardian destroys the blight, then falls down the tunnel and enters a new area. The Guardian traverses the area by jumping across the platforms.
Xol, Will of the Thousands: You shall drift.

** The Guardian jumps into a tunnel and enters a new area.
Xol, Will of the Thousands: There is no Light here.

** The Guardian enters a new area.
Xol, Will of the Thousands: You shall drown in the Deep.

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@benag thank you for doing the transcript for this mission! Could you please upload the video to youtube and edit the transcript to include a link to the youtube video? Transcript videos are usually uploaded to youtube before being uploaded to the Ishtar site. Sites like Google Drive are generally only used for clips for strike and raid transcripts as they have a lot of dialogue variations and may require multiple people to submit clips. In those cases, it’s easier to upload a clip of each dialogue variation to Google Drive, then put them altogether in one video and upload it to youtube once we’ve got all the dialogue variations. Thanks!

Done! I already had it on YouTube.

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll upload it to Ishtar when I get a chance :slightly_smiling_face:

Created Quest: The Whisper based on this post.

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