These Bosses Need More Background

I have always felt that raid bosses should have some back story to them. Such as Skolas, we fight him, defeat him, learn more about him and then we end him. Same goes for Crota and Oryx. That is why I liked those three expansions. I would say the same for Aksis but we only got a brief mention and some grimiore and that’s it. I think that is what you call “know your enemy”. Now I think the Templar and Atheon need more back story. Bungo could have done a lot with them since they are REALITY AND TIME BENDING GODS after all. I feel like the Templar is the main one because this was the machine that stopped most of Kabr’s fireteam (assuming that the other 3 were erased from time by The Templar). Then all we got was just 1 GRIMOIRE card about it. Atheon is a slightly better case but I still want to know more about it since it commanded the Glass Throne. So do you think that Bungo should talk more about these characters (or at least Atheon) in the coming years?

I kinda think Oryx is really the only one that Bungo really gave a true origin story to. Crota and Skolas both had enough to understand their motivations, but never a whole backstory - unless I’ve missed a mountain of lore, which would be awesome so I can go back and read it.

Definitely agree overall that raid bosses should get way more backstory.

Since we’re still waiting on lore books/origin stories for some of the most core characters in the universe - like Shaxx or Ikora - I’m not holding my breath for super deep raid boss lore.

They added a little bit of lore of Skolas from a lore tab called “Kell”. It really shows how Skolas feels in that tab. You should check it out.