Things Bungie put in the back burner

Destiny lore during this long(passed in a blink of an eye) 6 years became enormous. So there’re interesting things we haven’t heard any new information about. Stories without ending. So what do you want to be developed after Season of Undying or just topics you want to be paid respects? Mine are:
Xivu Arath
Some Vex development
Exo factory on Enceladus
Jovians(Xurs race)
Eramis or any other Fallen development
Why Cosmodrome is dangerous?
Upd: Worm Gods

Apparently vex developments are coming in shadowkeep. spoilers the new raid is in the black garden
I think the cosmodrome is dangerous because there is radiation there that could interfere with our abilities and or ghosts. I just want more stuff about exos and vex too though.

Jovians were kinda expanded in a voice quote by Orin. Idk where to find the transcript, but she said that Xur was a prototype and she is the more perfected version.

But why it appeared there? It wasn’t nuked during red war, was it?

I have heard it, but it didn’t explain Jovians nature. Are all of them just Nine slaves or they decieved just Xur?

I am unsure. Bungo plays those particular cards rather close to the chest. Jovians were never expanded on until D2 and even then there is not much to read.

She says this during the reckoning tier 3. I started making a transcript of it, but I’ve been occupied lately and haven’t been able to finish it

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No rush dude. There are something like 12 variations of her quotes, which is something I really enjoy.

I too wish to know more about the fractions. Very mysterious groups, especially the 3/4ths.

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