Third cabal emperor?

after reading reading through d2 lore entries i noticed that atleast a few of the older cabal scouts served a possible third cabal emperor.this is whats said in the dunemarchers lore entry.

Ikora, I’ve done the best I can. Their language is moronic; I’ve had more interesting conversations with Titan recruits. Still, if true this is… enlightening. —Asher

File Fragment 783737902-1, recovered from Cabal Centurion corpse at Firebase Delphi

1: Deployment as planned. Still carry the honor silk from the dispatch ceremony. Proud to serve the emperor.

2: Word has reached us of the [untranslateable] Ghaul’s assault on the Trappist system. Death to warlords!

3: The traitor [untranslateable] Calus has claimed another Primus. The Siege Dancers will not forget!

4: Skyburners in ruins. Dark King ascendant. We must hold this world for the emperor!

5: The Primus has given the order. We are to stand as long as we can against the [untranslateable] Ghaul. Glory to the one true emperor.

End of file.

notice how in the fifth point the centurion says they are given orders to stand against not with ghaul for as long as they can.furthermore he says glory to the one true emperor not dominus.
in the third point he calls calus a traitor so they are not aligned with him either,so is there a third cabal emperor, what do you guys think.


Well if you view Dominus Gaul and the enemy in the throne room then most probably, yes. Ghaul was never considered by Calus as a true emperor. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, Calus had a disagreement with Dominus and called him a traitor. As for there being another Cabal emperor all together, at the end of the raid you find out that who you defeated was only a clone and that there were many more just like it. This would hint at there being a much more powerful and mysterious emperor somewhere else controlling them.

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Calus was over thrown as emperor and exiled on the Leviathan with those still loyal to him by ghaul and several others. The “clones” or robots that u fight are the last part of a elaborate trial set up by calus to find warriors to exact his revenge on Ghaul and those who over throw and exiled him. As for the flavor text on the dune marchers it does sounds like a short history of the unit and it does sound like they are loyal to a third party. Its possible that they are or were still loyal to the regime that was in power before calus?

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Thanks for that, I now myself know something new.