Those wackos in the BG

Y’know those wackos in the black garden? I am categorically, 98% sure that this holds. In books of sorrow 4:8 to 4:10 it talks about vex bois encroaching on Oryx’ home ( and how the Ritual mind was like “f this noise! Let’s worship worms!”( and how Crota was thrown into the vex network and terrorized the vex for Eir knows how long.( and Oryx had a Sunday noon coffee catchup with Quoria ( basically what I’m trying to say is that maybe some of the survivors of Crota’s crusade went to mars(idk) and established the black garden there. Note, in the mission “The Black Garden” ( the vex there are of a different model and the seething thing in the middle seems to be a blight. In grimoire Taken Ikora Rey claims that “We face the same flower we faced in the Black Garden”(

:thinking: very interesting

it’s plausible that the taken established a new black garden on mars however i would not be one to refer to Oryx and Quoria meeting eachother a qoute


I do not think the Hive had anything to do with the Black Garden. There has never been evidence of the Hive growing anything but themselves. I also do not think the Vex created the Black Garden, at least not the vex as we know them. As Uldren posits in the Forsaken Prince, I believe the Garden was made by another Entity as bait for Guardians and perhaps given to the Vex for care.