Thoughts about Eramis?

So in the Joker’s Wild we’ve got only one new character teaser - Eramis the Devil’s Baroness. She seems somehow connected with both Variks and Mitrax. Any thoughts about her fate in Destiny? She’s just another Strike boss or we are gonna have Prison of Elders 2?

Hopefully not just a strike boss, I’d like to see a bit more. A remastered PoE would be really cool though.

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There are a few mentions of her in the lore.

Outliers describes her as:

VIP #2029, a once-known personality known as Eramis, or Eramis, the Shipstealer. A House Devils Baroness incarcerated during the Wolf Wars, #2029 successfully fled the Prison of Elders during the mass escape orchestrated by #1121. #2029 is a classical Fallen pirate of the old ways: vicious, uncompromising, and possessing cunning of the highest degree. Field reports indicate that she is rallying violent dissidents to reconstruct House Devils from the ground up. This agent believes her to be the most viable candidate for universal Fallen reunification, and would urge the Vanguard and other interested leadership to aggressively prioritize her destruction.

Outbreak Perfected strongly implies that Mithrax is working against her (or vice versa).

The final boss of the Zero Hour mission is “Siriks, loyal to Eramis”, so the obvious conclusion is that it is Eramis who wanted to steal SIVA from the tower and that she did so as a means to re-uniting the fallen and/or resurrecting the House of Devils.

All of the above seems to place Eramis as a new driving force for the fallen. If and when we have new fallen-themed content I expect she will take pride of place.


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