Time-Gated Lore release and its impact on discussion

I just had a twitter convo with the author of the Dust, TTP, and Unveiling (among others) lore books, Seth J. Dickenson (I think). He was expressing happiness over the fact that Bungie managed to keep Unveiling from being data mined and wished the same had been true for TTP because he wrote them to be released and discussed in a certain order. What do you guys think of time gated lore release? Do you share his sentiments or feel otherwise?

bit biased but the more the better IMO, more things to read and think about is always nice


I agree, but I like getting excited for the new lore every week, and also it leaves with more time to think and analyze individual pieces of lore, allowing us to pick up on things we might have otherwise missed.

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Seth argued that he wanted them released on week/page/entry at a time so people could discuss it and its impact with the previous entries without having the later pages stomp all over the hypothesis and discussions for each page. Is that behavior we saw with TTP?

If you are talking about truth to power, then yes. That is definitely how it went, both for what Seth said and what I said.

I kind of had a feeling. I wasn’t here for TTPs discussion but when I read through the threads for it I kind of got that impression.

It makes sense as a user and it annoys me as Destiny content creator. But I know that the first option is the right one. Introducing the lore via weekly patches avoids the data mining and keep the conversation interesting, with theories and brainstorming. Seth Dickinson is the best author Bungie has been in contact to, as for today, and I hope he will keep to create lore at this high level.

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Question: when Toland was still at the tower was Osiris the warlock vanguard or was Toland before osiris’s time?

Osiris was exiled after the Great Disaster. At that time Toland was already long gone from the Last City and the Tower. They had a mutual admiration and at one point, when lost in the darkness of the Ascendant Realm after has Ir Yut discorporated him, he scream for Osiris’ name. The link between the two is strong in analogies.

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So Osiris and Toland were still at the tower at the same time?

It is hard to give an irrevocable yes, but most likely. At least for a little while, long enough to have a mutual respect/admiration for each other.

K, needed to know that for story telling purposes

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Yes, I agree that for a time both the warlocks were present at the same time at the Tower. Osiris had a fascination for the Hive too, as the scan on the Court of Oryx reveals - he connected the Ascendant Realm networks with the Vex one, finding analogies. Such studies are most probably obtained by a reciprocal exchange of forbidden knowledge with Toland. I like to imagine the both of them in some dark corner of the Tower, talking about the Chief World Systems, having some tea and hiding from the eyes of the Speaker.