Time’s Torch (Exotic Vex Grenade Launcher)

So I have noticed that we have less Vex-themed exotics than any other enemy-themed exotic. So I thought that there should be another Exotic because the Vex are really fascinating. So this Grenade launcher is secondary (picks up green bricks). It shoots a Torch hammer shot but it does the same damage and has the same radius as a regular secondary launcher. But It can hold two shots in the mag. It does Void damage. It will explode on impact. Here are the stats.

— Lightweight Frame
— Hard launch
— Anomaly Collapse- consume all shots in the mag (like Izanagi) to create one shot that is deadlier and bigger grenade shot that goes in a straight line. (essentially a Cyclop eye shot without the charge and is a little bit faster)
— Ambitious Assassin

So if you consume the default two shots you will get Anomaly Collapse x1. The great thing is that if you get ambitious Assassin to prock, and reload the additional ammo, you get to have a bigger blast radius and higher damage. But it will only stack up to 3 (but it will essentially be a Braytech Osprey shot at that point). I don’t have any lore for it but I just want to hear your thoughts.

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