Timeline of the Cabal Uprising/ Calus’ banishment

I have pondered this many times, but every time I seem to come to a concrete answer, I read the grimoire and the timeline gets scrapped.
Original timeline;
Around the Golden Age: Calus in power
Near-ish the end of the Golden Age: Gaul takes power
Collapse: Cabal sized scouting force comes to Mars, Mercury, and maybe a few other planets
Dark Age: Scouting Force sets up shop
Around our Guardian’s revival: the Cabal have been in attrition with the Vex for some time
Our Guardian goes to Mars and sticks a bee in the Cabal’s bonnet
Oryx enters our system: Fleetbase Korus is ravaged, Skyburners get order to crash into the Dreadnaught
Around the timeframe of Outbound Signal: a message is sent from the Skyburners to the Red Leigon*
*Note: it is assumed that Ghaul always had an obsession with the Traveler after receiving reports of Guardians for the first time (around the time of the first Guardian expeditions to Mars)
A few months before Red War: Shadows of Calus try and fail to kill Ghaul
Red War happens, Ghaul is killed
Invitation from the Emperor Adventure happens
A few weeks after Red War: Leviathan arrives in our system.