Titan Tidal Forces

Disclaimer, if already discussed, my apologies.

I was rereading the Kaken Mare book and noticed a few mentions about the waves. If my interpretation is correct, than standard waves in Kraken Mare pre-Collapse were gentle, with 1m tides.

“First, he sees the supercarrier, tragically buoyant, tragically light, built for seas with gentle one-meter tides…”

Additionally, we get this tidbit from “Sundown Distress” during the gravity wave event:

“Satellite lidar confirms a tidal bulge of 40 meters—400, repeat, 400 percent of ordinary tidal deformation…”

Which either refers to the natural tidal bulge of the planet itself (since it’s not a perfect sphere, it would have some bulge) or refers to normal tides of .1m

Considering the waves we see on Kraken Mare are MUCH larger than 1m, does that mean that the huge waves we see now are results of the original massive tidal wave, still settling? Or is there still cryoseismic activity from the initial gravity event churning up constant waves, all these years after the Collapse? (see quote below from Sundown Distress for reference)

“We anticipate massive cryoseismic activity as the tidal effect recedes. Total crustal reflex will trigger a multiple hypocenter icequake swarm. Surface effects catastrophic.”

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Based on your info that you have gathered, it seems likely. Or it could just be bungie not paying attention to the size of the waves.