Triangles... Triangles Everywhere

If you haven’t finished the campaign - Spoiler Alert

So I just started the campaign with my third and final character (a titan - I already have a maxed out hunter and a mostly maxed out warlock) and I decided to pay closer attention to the vision. I noted that there were 12 little black pyramids that were shown falling into water (which, I am just realizing, was some Deep water - an interesting thought…) I then thought about the triangular ships shown in the end credits scene. Being the ADD person I am, I started thinking about how many triangles there have been from all the CoO content added in the expansion, as well as all the triangles in other parts of the game.

Could there be any kind of connection between all of these?

On another note, I was surprised to find that these pyramid ships had been shown in concept art for Destiny 2. In the art, the ships seem to be either shooting out or absorbing an energy that is very reminiscent of the Light. (or Glimmer - you never know!) Here’s my source for that:

Pyramid Ships in the End Credits Scene

ever notice that all the class symbols are made out of triangles? and that the loading screen is a bunch of triangles and circles following eachother?

I think its that Bungie just has a thing for the number 3.
3 classes, 3 sub classes, 3 members to a fireteam, all destiny 1 expansions/dlc have 3 syllables, tower has 3 wings, destiny logo is a deformed triangle, leviathan logo is basically a triangle, 3 guardian races, The NIne- nine is 3 squared,… that is all i can think of as of right now.
Also, triangles have 3 points. That is why i included examples of Triangles. i doubt it means anything.

Plus, they ships would be pyramids, not triangles.

3 sisters - Oryx, Savathun, Xivu Arath.

I always associated the different shapes with factions, because of the war to become the Final Shape. The Hive and Vex want to become the shape, and in turn have kinda adopted a shape as a big part of their architecture. Like how the Traveler is a circle, the darkness ships are triangles. Each fighting to live or become the new Final Shape.