Trichromatica ghost shell

The lore entry for this shell begins with a quote from Zavala: “Void, Solar, then Arc. Hmm. We’re not naive enough to think the order is a coincidence. But we’ve got bigger things to worry about.”"

The order “Void, Solar then Arc” matches the elemental rotation of Protheon’s weapons in the Inverted Spire strike, which is where the shell drops and suggests that it is Protheon Zavala is referring to. It also matches the elemental rotation on the weapons Hard Light and Borealis, but it doesn’t match the polarization rotation in Reckoning or the Prism modifier from Destiny 1; nor does it match any lore relationship between the elements that I’m aware of.

Does anyone know why Zavala suggests that the order is not a coincidence?

for the longest time I tried to come up with something, I honestly don’t know

It could hint to something in the Vex programming. Patterns such as mentioned in the lore can be indicative of deeper purposes or sub-processes in computer games and robotics.

If you look at it on a universal scale it could be the cycle of life.
From the nothing/void beforehand then the Big Bang then stars/solar and ending with thought/industry/arc

We came from stars and stars came from nothing

Dude, same. I spent so long staring at the screen when I saw that shell trying to figure it out. It is one of those things in Destiny that I’ll start thinking about randomly while playing.

I guess the significance of the order starts with Protheon and is reinforced by that shell, but then that doesn’t tell us anything about what the meaning is. @thebladeofhades 's theory is close to what I was thinking, that the order represents a cycle. But I don’t have any further ideas and so, yeah, I’m just blabbering and I’ll stop now.

My thinking is that “Void, Solar then Arc” is the Destiny equivalent of the Golden Ratio; something that recurs in nature again and again.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really make sense for Zavala to ascribe meaning to it in the way this quote suggests he does.

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