Trying to explain Destiny power system

Half a year since I’ve read Truth to Power Book and met explanation of Ahamkara’s powers which is paracausal powers. And started to develop a hybrid power system where tried to understand why strong guys are strong and weak are weak.
So my concept is simple that every creature’s power in Destiny can be evaluated by two parameters - War Potential(WP) and Paracausal Potential(PP).

War Potential is a sum of strength, ability to utilize that strength, units, knowledge and technologies.

Paracausal Potential(it’s quite difficult to explain) is ability to bend and reform reality according to user’s will(wow easier than I thought) in different aspects such as Hive sourcery, Vex simulations etc

So this sistem is quite reliable in explanation of some things in Destiny, such as:
1.Enemy tier list
Fallen - low WP, low PP(in curent Destiny state there’re some entities with very high WP)
Hive - from WP/PP to high WP/PP in some cases
Vex - from medium WP/PP to high PP in some situations
Cabal - high WP low PP to very high WP
Taken - from medium WP/PP to very high WP/PP(during TTK and in the Dreaming City)
2. Nature of Travelers powers - according to theory Traveler has only paracausal powers. So to utilize and empower it with war potential he uses Ghosts to transfer it to dead human bodies. Following that statement there’s another point.
3. How Guardians can become stronger. So Guardian has paracausal powers transferred from Traveler through Ghost. And uses it to increase his war potential. How does it works? So starting from born Guardian starts to defeat enemies and through gaining experience and completing special imaginative (paracausal) challenges gains more and more paracausal power and converts it into WP - increasing strength, agility, resilience, firepower.
4. And a lot of other things in Destiny like Ahamkara’s powers, Sword Logic, Cabal psion powers and etc

Sooo, if you want to add something or criticise my “theory”(break my heart) - you’re welcome.
Ps: sorry if my English is terrible to read it still unpolished

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