Twas The Night Before Christmas poem Destiny parody

Twas the night before reset, when all through The Tower.
Not a Guardian was sad, not even The Drifter.
All the Guardians sang, together all night.
Knowing that tomorrow there would be new loot and new fights.

The civilians were resting all snuggled in their beds.
While visions of presents danced in their heads.
The Dawning’s peak was to be tomorrow.
When we all give gifts and forget our sorrows.

When out in the courtyard there rang out a gong.
I ran outside to see what was wrong.
I opened the door and was rewarded with delight.
Lord Saladin is here so be ready for a fight.

He turned to me and saw me staring.
He said “Fight in the Iron Banner if you would be so daring”.
He handed me a weapon that smelled of eggnog.
And told me spilled some by accident last night.

He then pulled out a white wig, and a fake white beard.
Put on a red suit and stood up revered.
He screamed to the world “HAPPY DAWNING TO ALL!”
And then called out the names of The Iron Lords who are no longer on call.

“Now Radegast! Now Silimar! Gheleon and Jolder!
On Perun! On Felwinter! On, on Skorri and Timur!
May you rest peacefully and still be laughing.
Like the rest of us, here HAPPY DAWNING!”

Merry Christmas/Happy Dawning


Love it, great work and Happy Dawning

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