Uldren Sov Black Armory Cutscene

So I recently saw a video swirling online that shows a ghost resurrecting Uldren Sov. Now, I think that he’s going to be the new hunter Vanguard because he killed Cayde and the vanguard dare. I don’t know if anything is confirmed, but it would be cool if we could decrypt that scene. Also, after rewatching it, i noticed his weird darkness marking on his neck are gone. i’m assuming it’s because Riven is dead. The queen this week is pissed we killed her brother…which he might not be dead now???


Uldren Sov Resurrected

Hey @Samwowz! I’m sorry, I know we don’t have any solid rule written down about this, but I think it’s best that we don’t discuss this until it’s found in game.

I think one good argument for waiting until we see it in-game is related to the questions you asked — are the markings on Uldren gone because Riven is dead? Or is there some other reason? Without knowing when this cutscene is supposed to take place it’s impossible to answer that.

I’ve marked this topic as unlisted for now, and I’ll have a think about updating the rules to make this more clear.

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Okay, thanks for letting me know, I haven’t been on here for quite some time.

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I see this cutscene twice inside the game yesterday .

My mind blew. Its a huge plot twist in my opinion:

1 Because in his madness he killed Cayde.

  1. Is very clear in his lore that he hates guardians, so come back like one is a strong punishment

I’m a new guardian in destiny 2 ( i played destiny). The cutscene happen when enter the queen court for my first time.

Dont know if this is relevant? Sorry for my poor english

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I like to think of Uldren’s resurrection more or less a second chance.
The only Guardians who know their past lives are Exos and Shin Malphur, (Well, any Guardian who was chosen without already being dead beforehand.)
So, he gets to try again.
What if he isn’t a Hunter though? It would make sense yeah, but we don’t know for sure.
If he is, well…
I’d give him the Ace, just for his sawed-off shotgun. Especially if it’s Tex Mechanica. Because they are an amazing Weapon Foundry.
Anyways. If his memories are gone, then would the Dare still count? If he doesn’t remember it. Then, as the saying goes, “We got issues.”

After reading through the Wishes, and seeing DarkSideRoyalty’s video.
What if Mara wished Uldren back? Or Wished for him to be a Guardian?
Maybe that is why the Fifteenth Wish says, “This one, you shall cherish” -Riven of a Thousand Voices.
Maybe it was meant in a sly sarcastic joke?

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I like the part of sarcastic joke kkkkkk. I forgot to think about if he remember something. Hope he came back on our side, a bad guardian will be a serious problem.

Yeah, we would have a Thorn/Red Death problem on our hands. (Cos’ Red Death is banned because of it’s excellence in murdering other Guardians.)
But, the real question is.
Would you trade the Ace of Spades for Uldren’s Sawed off Shotgun?

No. I don’t think he deserves be a guardian. I dont think he deserve use the gun of Cayde-6.

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But when you think about it, he fits the Speaker’s idea of a Guardian. He was just really insane from the “Death” of Mara. (That and, well, manipulation with Riven. But anyways.) So I have to disagree with you on that fact. And now that I think about it, he hasn’t earned it. Because this version of Uldren hasn’t killed Cayde-6, therefore, he cannot wield it.
But I’d still give it to him. Because that is my way of saying,
“I still don’t like you. Even if you are a new person.”
Besides! That kind of a weapon would be so cool.

Well, now that it is in the Queens Court, some weird stuff is happening. Pulled Pork rezzed Uldren and now now one knows what is going on. One of my favorite occurences now is the lore for Sealed Ahamkara Gauntlets.

Few things can see the Light, but we are not blinded.

The Bearer seeks the truth, but what separates truth from fiction is fragile.

A pair of truths and a single falsehood upon the Bearer we shall impart.

Brother, ally once more, sends his regards.

Dreamer, awakened, the Bearer shall meet.

Light fades, deep within the Prison.

Few things can see the Light, but we are not blinded.

We definitely know that light fades in prisons (rip Cayde 2014-2018,) and now we know that the Brother (Uldren) is an ally. Although the Dreamer line is probably a lie, it could mean Mara Sov or the Traveler, which is most likely the “single falsehood.”

hey Ember I agree with you. But don’t just give him the gun. A ton of guardians had to grind to get it, so after he grinds for it he gets a copy(note:none of us players have the original because a couple million people have forsaken and they can’t all have the same gun)

But yeah, a sawed-off would be so amazing

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Remember tho, we still have the copy of the gun. So even if we give it to him, we still have it for ourselves.
Ha, prolly not.

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Oh yeah!
Plus, we can pull it out from Collections an infinite amount of times

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I’m just gonna sneak in here to revive this conversation!

I’m 100% here for a redemption arc for Uldren. While being corrupted, Uldren killed one of our favorite Exo’s and has paid the ultimate price for it. (I don’t think we killed him. I believe it was Petra.)

I believe that Petra will discover his corpse missing and the other Awoken will be on the hunt. But he won’t know why and THAT is what excites me.

Uldren is one of the most hated Awoken right now and he has no clue why. Can you imagine that development reaching Zavala and Ikora before it reaches us? The fact that he’s a “guardian” now? Will they just consider it a slap on the wrist and be like “Oh yeah it’s all good no worries we forgive you and we have a job offering!”

I’m hoping Uldren seeks us out before anyone else. He asked us before his death if we knew which side we are on, and I’m hoping that’s a conversation we get to finish with him.


Time to revive the revival. Yes. Please. Bungie. I would really like to see a 1. Redemption arc. 2. A big hunt. And 3. Us to be the first to find him and (maybe) start a civil war among guardians in which we “decide which side we’re on”


Maaaaaan I’m going to be squealing like a pig the next time we see Uldren. It’s gonna be good! (At least I hope so…)

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Yes, Bungie does (unfortunately) have a track record of hyping something up then disappointing everyone. But now that Activision is outta the picture maybe we have a better chance?

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