Unreleased cinematic trailer

The Trailer (Vanilla, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King, and unreleased Vex)

Edit: The above video has since been removed so I’ve uploaded a mirror — @baxter

So it’s pretty undeniable that Rise of Iron was something that, while planned, wasn’t necessarily planned for the release it was given. Not to imply that TTK hit and they switched, but that around the time of HoW dropped

(about the time when this image came out)

So with the Activision Earnings Call confirming that D2 is “on schedule” for Fall 2017 do you think they could be moving back to the original roadmap? Cabal is a very large expectation, and I’d agree, but i think that for the Cabal to come first the Vex must do their thing.

To be a little excessively hopeful do you think that the Vex might be the intro to D2 with the story closing around the Cabal? Maybe even get two raids?


This has been my hope for a long time now. Even though I understand the need to expand upon the story behind the Cabal, I am longing for more answers to the questions raised in Vanilla, especially around the Exo Stranger and her relationship with the Vex/Black Garden.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that the appearance of this video makes this any more or less likely — while I’ve no doubt that the story of the Vex will be continued at some point, we know that Bungie are capable of shifting things around, and it might well be that things happen in the opposite order: first we deal with some crisis with the Cabal, then we deal with some event relating to the Vex.

This short clip definitely has me hyped, anyway :wink:

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So the Vex part is extremly interesting to me.

If i remember correctly, in the reveal stream for the Floating Gardens, it was described as a place where Vex units discard their frames that have been damaged beyond repair. The core of the Vex are the radiolarian fluid, or the vex milk. Now Radiolaria is described on wikipedia as zooplankton in the ocean, which could be important.

So in the video, we see a Vex Unit, seemingly unpowered, floating in liquid (lets calll it water) Then a stream of what looks like vex Milk worms its way into the center core, and the Vex frame powers up.

Putting these things together, i speculate that what we are seeing is the birth of a Vex unit, or rather, the Vex min fluid entering a frame and with that, powers that frame to become one with it. I could go so far as to point out the “aim for the juicebox” part. If we look at a way of viewing that, a juicebox could be the thing that gives Vex power, which is hinted at in that video. The Milkie substance powers the unit on, or turns it on at least.

This is all happening under water and i think that is important. Radiolaria is seemingly waterbased, so perhaps the Vex milk (if thats whats being shown) cant exist above water or liquids. This could explain both why the black garden almost feels like its underwater, and why when we shoot the juicebox of a Vex, it dies, because we expose the radiolaria fluids.

Deej once described the Vex as a liquified race, so i would theorize that that milky substance i call Vex milk, is moving with a purpose and not just shot there, its a living organism, which also fits well with a liquified race using frames to actually impact their world.

thats my thoughts on it, i would love some comments on it

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That’s how I imagined the Vex work anyway. Although I don’t really see something “new”, it just visualizes what we’ve already known about the Vex from grimoire cards.
I rather think that these Vex cinematics were cut from the vanilla mainstory of Destiny, it would match the rumours apparently from former Bungie workers saying that the management was concerned about Destiny turning into a linear, story-driven game instead of a gameplay-focused game & therefor changed the story.

tbh I don’t really want something new from the Cabals, because I just don’t find them interesting yet & don’t see them as a threat & can’t see how they would match to the main story of Destiny.
Unless they gained something from their attempt to hack into what was left of Mars’ warmind. They could become a bigger threat if they can somehow reactivate Charlemagne for their sake or recreate their own one out of it & try to take over other assets from Rasputin & then attack us.
But even then…I’m rather interested in what they’re fleeing from (if that’s even the case) & about the psions rather than in a Cabal raid against their empire.

As an intro for D2 I’d rather want another, greater post-apocalyptic situation, where f.o the Tower has already been attacked or something like that

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That’s pretty much exactly what i think and have thought for some time.

Essentially the fluid is the real being behind the Vex, which is why headshots don’t actually do what they should. It’s not the head that matters, it’s the fluid.

So the fluid is just that, a species, but it can’t really form itself in air, it’s more dense than air so it naturally just spills out. Even if it’s sentient it’s not formed solid. So it’s only in water, or somewhere with less gravity effects, that it can actually move freely.

This also shows why the Vex aren’t fighters, they’re builders. Any place they go that they really need to stay at would need those chambers they show in the background.


yeah this has been my belief as well, im glad we share it. I just wanted to explain the theory from this standpoint, and that it actually gives some more ground to stand on. good point on the inability to form out of water.

Keep in mind, we’ve been fighting a scattered few scout legions who have lost many numbers fighting a three front war with Guardians, Vex and Taken. In addition, the Cabal are the least prepared to deal with paracausal enemies, seeing as the only connection they have with anything like it is Psions, from whom, besides the Flayers, we haven’t seen much serious opposition.

While I agree that the Cabal have been the butt monkey of enemy races so far (and that we should be more wary of what they’re running from than we are of them), with respect to the Imperial war machine, we shouldn’t take them lightly.

From a meta perspective, the Phalanxes’ shield bash is one of the most powerful forces in the universe :smile:


yeah that’s why I’m saying that I don’t find them interesting “yet” . Their psions are the only thing that comes close to something paracausel I guess + their attempt to hack a warmind.
It’s just that, in my opinion, they’re not a meaningful threat. The Hive are specifically minions of the darkness & the Taken appeared everywhere just out of nowhere, even on Earth, created with the power of darkness. SIVA was a personal threat because it’s a golden age tech that turns against us.
So the Cabal fighting us just because we’re in their way is just not meaningful to me unless they somehow become part of the main story.

I also just listened to the DestinyLoreCast & that made me realize something, I got a Cabal theory but I’ll post that seperately

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