Unstoppable Force (Exotic Shotgun idea)


I was inspired to build this gun by a conversation that I had in chat. We were discussing shotguns, and I got thinking:

“What’s the most dangerous thing in the D2 shotgun game?”

The answer?


Weapon name: Unstoppable Force.
Weapon type: Shotgun (Energy, Solar)
Weapon archetype: N/A
Rarity: Exotic (Very rare drops in the Competitive playlist when your Glory rank is full. Does not drop when you reset Glory. Only when Glory is full.)


“Don’t hold me back.”

Impact: 100
Range: 50
Stability: 1
Handling: 30
Reload Speed: 20
RoF: 80
Tube size: 3
Aim assist: 10
Recoil direction: 50


Perk 1: Paradox Breaker: This weapon fires a single, precision slug. The first round of the tube is loaded directly into the chamber, allowing for a faster reload from an empty tube.
Perk 2: Smoothbore: This weapon has increased range, but a looser spread pattern.
Perk 3: Extended Mag: This weapon’s magazine size is greatly increased, but reload speed is decreased.
Perk 4: One-Two Punch: Hitting a target with every pellet in the shot increases melee damage for a short time.
Perk 5: Trench Barrel: After a successful melee hit, this weapon gains increased stability, reload speed, and damage for a short time, but with a much stricter damage falloff.


It’s an old paradox - what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

In a Pre-Golden Age myth, a man approached a merchant selling a spear and a shield. He asked what the spear did.

“The spear,” The merchant said. “Is the strongest in the world. It can break any shield.”

The man was impressed, and asked about the shield.

“The shield,” The merchant said. “Is the sturdiest. It can block any attack or impact.”

The man was confused, and asked what would happen if the spear struck the shield. The merchant had no answer.

Now, we know - the shotgun will win every time.


This is something new for D2 - a shotgun that is meant to be really hard to get (I’m thinking of a 1% chance of dropping, but you have to max out your Glory rank first. Resetting your Glory will require you to refill the meter) but will reward you in an insane, fun-to-use, and extremely dangerous way.

So, what if you combined this with something like, say the ONE PUNNNNNNCH loadout (Way of the Warrior Arcstrider, Liar’s Handshake, a friendly Well of Ridiance, and a friendly Melting Point?)

Two words.


EDIT: Made the gun an Energy weapon so people can’t combine it with Luna’s Howl or Not Forgotten or GOD FORBID The Recluse. Also shortened the mag size to 3, down from 4. Will continue the paradox and make an Exotic Class Item armor for all three classes (expect that soon.) Also, realized there was no description, so I made one.

my god, the sheer ONE PUNNNNCH radiating from this is unbearable, Jesus tho with liars handshake this this would be unstoppable

Maybe I should’ve made it an Energy weapon? That way people can’t pair it with Luna’s Howl or Not Forgotten.

… I didn’t even thin… please do, i have too many bad memories of lost fights cause they only had to fire 3 times and could do it faster than anyone else cause 180rpm

This sounds fun, but way too op. My problem is: yes, only 1 percent of may get it, but it would allow them to win every fight. With a range of 50, that’s further than last words TRIPLE TAP distance. And this is a one tap shotgun that seems to be very similar to the chaperone, which means it’s very easy to land crits. That would make this too op, especially combined with liars and one two punch.

Then again, it also takes up an Exotic Slot. And if it were possible a Energy Special, it somewhat negates a few of these problems.
If we changed it to 1 bullet in the Mag, then it’d be good. (Since it appears to have abysmal Aim assist and Recoil Control.)
[[EDIT-More info

but mate, what about that immovable object, im thinking class amour, the hunters get invincibility frames when dodging while not in super and while not facing a super (when in proximity to super) lets saaaay, 7 meters?, that should be fine unless its a cheeky novabomb that some warlock fired off into the distance, for titans its a health and damage buff to their shield and increases its size, warlocks… warlocks… i dont know

D1 Blink, pre nerf. That’s our immovable object.

so the untouchable boots “DONT scuff the finish” (hunter) , the immovable wall “Walls dont move, cause walls dont care” (titan) , and the unbeatable ace “flying at the speed of liiight”(warlock)

For warlocks maybe rifts reduce damage taken?

Just my opinion:
This is a great weapon idea, I love how this is super rare and how you get it, but I think One-Two Punch on a slug shotgun is a bit OP.
After all, you only have to land ONE bullet instead of like 8 from a regular shotgun.
Trench Barrel is already pretty good. :smiley:

@Blitz That’s the whole idea. Make it a super-powerful gun that requires an excruciating grind - remember, you can only get it from rare drops after victories in Competitive when you have MAX Glory. If you lose a match, that Glory will drop, which means you’ll need to build it up again.