Upcoming Project Prologue(?)

Jubi is a fairly new guardian and is fighting the Darkness while trying to find out what is going on with him. He would randomly black out mid battle when he got really angry and his friends tell him he acts weird and glows a menacing green. As time goes on he discovers more of his past and about a mysterious stranger that always is there in some of his most serious battles. (Ppfffft. I suck pretty bad but I hope you like the first chapter of my abridged WIP novel. Coming soon I hope.)

my friend I write quite often, should you need any help, you only need to ask.

Sounds good. Just recently finished so time to post my garbage.

Heh. I’m working on a Sci-Fi thing focusing on alternative planes of existence with a friend at school, to pass the time.

I have many ideas (most toying with time) that I would love to share but this is the only Destiny related one I have.