Variks’ “insect-like chattering”

I know I’m very late to this but this randomly and recently popped into my mind… from the point that we first met Variks to before Beyond light, his dialogue never included his chattering. But during and after beyond light it is in almost every other sentence he speaks. Is this just something the devs added for extra effect or could there be some lore reason as to why he does this. Why do other eliksni such as Eramis and mithrax not have this insect-like chattering?

Aside from making the usually obligatory joke about Dee Bradley Baker voicing both Variks in D2 and Trench in Clone Wars (makes a very similar noise), the answer that most people seem to accept is that he’s faking it.

Spider remarks that Variks continuously makes himself seem smaller and less-threatening…which tracks, because he completely loses his “accent” in the outburst against Eramis in Beyond Light. It’s very likely that he’s been using this act since his work with the Awoken, given that none of them seemed to take him all that seriously (which is a sentiment echoed even through the other Eliksni). He met us while working with them; it’s not like he can drop the act now.