Various Thoughts on Ahamkara

The Ahamkara are weird. Talking to people and being genies? Huh. plus, with the Sealed Ahamkara Guantlets, itmentions in the lore that they see the Light, and therefore understand it. But how did they grant wishes? They were deemed evil, so they probably used Darkness-but are they as old as the Worm Gods?
With a separate idea, it is mentioned in something’s lore how an Iron Lord kept bones of Ahamkara. Was he subject to auditory hallucinations, oh reader mine?
(And why do they say oh something mine?)

Also in sealed guantlets, it mentions how “Light fades, deep within the Prison.” This probably relates to the silver, but I’ll just point out how the Worm Gods were trapped in a Prison(although Light woudn’t fade, it would just cease to exist.)

The Ahamkara are related to the Worm Gods, most likely as the same or cousin species. So they have similar powers, one difference is the Worms don’t give but the Ahamkara do. In this sense the Worm side with the Deep and the Ahamkara the Sky, but its never so simple. When the Hive met the Ahamkara, they saw the wished dragons as a disgrace to their Gods and how only the Hive should be the ones worshiping beings of that kind. The Worms also talk in that word, oh mine style. And both the Worms and Ahamkara never truly die when killed. Their bones and scales talk to the wearer, trying to spin them to madness or to follow their plans.

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Well, I know they don’t “die”, but thanks