Vex Simulation theory
Interesting theory on bungee lore forums


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this theory @Hiccups!

@RedRenegade I wish I could take credit for this theory, however all credit goes to the OP on the bungie forums. I do personally love this theory though because it presents many different ways in which the destiny story could progress. Specifically, what happens if we break free from this simulation? Would we lose all our gear that we had spent time earning until this point? It may not be canon but it’s a fun hypothetical situation

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Oh man, there are a lot of haters in the comments on Bungie’s forums. sigh

The subreddit’s even named Rahool’s Salt Emporium.


Very cool. I wonder why the game devs would do that. Yes, it’s cool but doesn’t it make you feel disappointed that the progress you’ve made and when you hear the light it’s reawakening is actually not happening.