Vexy vex and the crota bois (quick question)

when Crota opened a portal (with all the vex and stuff) in the BOS where was the other end of the portal aka where did the vex possible come from? (I think I heard something about it being on the moon?) wanted to confirm if anyone knew.

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I do not think the lore ever says. It does say Crota fought his way through many timelines and killed countless Vex units, but never where.

I think I remember it saying somewhere that it was to the Vex Collective or something like that. It had to have been close to a Vex point if Vex like Quria entered when they had just been made, essentially being 5 seconds old and already in the most torturous warzone to ever exist. (Not like that stopped them though. The Vex seem to be very selective as to what they fear and don’t fear).

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