Visions of the rhe Traveler - The Seclusion

Name: Visions of the Traveler - The Seclusion
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Recorded: 2024. 06. 17


++ The Seclusion, Pale Heart

** The Guardian collects a vision of the Traveler

Micah-10: I feel impressions of the Traveler’s experiences in this object. I can… see them. I will try to interpret as best I can. This impression is jumbled, faded, ancient. I see… stars. A haze of cosmic energy, carnelian and jade, whirling into infinity. Fear. Hope. Then — an abrupt severance. Something lost, or — someone? It isn’t clear. Dust clings to the air like motes of starlight… glittering. A new distinction between what I’d and what was. But a tether remains, indivisible. Light casting a shadow, and shadow defining the shape of light. Then… no. Nothing. It’s gone. I’m sorry.

Ikora Rey: You did your best. Thank you for trying.

Mara Sov: Those colors, I feel like I’ve seen them somewhere before, in a half-remembered dream.

Micah-10: This may be an ancient memory of the Traveler, something from the dawn of time. It may be so old as to have no significance… And yet, I cannot help but wonder.