Visions of the Traveler - The Divide

Name: Visions of the Traveler - The Divide
Date recorded: 2024. 06. 17


++ The Divide, Pale Heart

**The Guardian collects a vision of the Traveler.

Micah-10: The Traveler’s memories and experiences are imprinted on this object. I will try to translate them… as best as I can. I am… [sighs] afraid. Reunited with a family member? Or - no. Terrified. I - I can feel. They do not want unity; they want stagnation. No! You can’t do this! I won’t let you - [grunts in pain] [breaths heavily] It spreads through me. Dark fingers, memories, remembrance of… [breathes sharply] what is this feeling? I do not want it. I - I shed the infection, and it drops to the world below. Storms rage in my cast-off flesh. [gasps] Storms of recollection. [breathes heavily] I must stop this. [sighs] I’m sorry. [pants]

Mara Sov: There is no need to apologize for speaking miracles into being. Your gift is just that… Are you well?

Micah-10: I’ll be fine. Thank you, Your Majesty.

Mara Sov: Those last few moments, the “shed infection” and the storms, it reminds me of the Shard of the Traveler that looks over the EDZ.

Micah-10: I thought as much myself. Perhaps this memory was of the Collapse, or a fusion of several similar memories.

Mara Sov: Something for us all to discuss, over tea perhaps.