Visions of the Traveler - The Lost City

Name: Visions of the Traveler - The Lost City
Date recorded: 2024. 06. 17


++ The Lost City, the Pale Heart

** The Guardian collects a vision of the Traveler

Micah-10: There’s an imprint of the Traveler’s experiences in this object. Images, emotions, I… I will try to interpret as best I can. I feel… Unity. Peace. A sense of belonging and home. Here, inside the Traveler. There is completion, a sense of duty fulfilled. There is another… realm? Or a space? No, state of being. Union with the Traveler. Light returned and… now memory as well. An eternity with the Traveler, with all Guardians who experienced their final deaths. An afterlife? That’s… all I could make out.

Ikora Rey: Cayde spoke of his experiences after death as peaceful, and as if he wasn’t alone. Perhaps there’s truth to this that there can be… something at the end.

Zavala: For Guardians. I don’t know if I want the Traveler’s heaven… if the people I hope to find won’t be there waiting for me.

Micah-10: We cannot be sure if anything. These visions are… difficult to parse. Do not give up hope yet, Commander.