Visions of the Traveler - The Refraction

Name: Visions of the Traveler - The Refraction
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Recorded: 2024. 06. 17


++ The Refraction, Pale Heart

** The Guardian collects a vision of the Traveler

Micah-10: I can feel the Traveler’s presence radiating from this object. Memories and experiences, emotions and ideas blooming in my mind. I see so many cities. So many peoples, basking in my Light. They study me, and in their discoveries, they come to understand the universe. I am a blueprint for them to follow, a canvas upon which the mysteries of the universe are written. These little gardeners are such careful stewards of fragility. But then… they begin kneeling. They plead, beg, demand. I do not know what to do. There is… confusion, hopelessness… guilt. There’s nothing more.

Mithrax: Does this mean that the Great Machine does not wish to be worshiped?

Micah-10: I don’t know if I’d interpret it that way. It… may be more of a lack of frame of reference. It doesn’t understand reverence or worship. But that doesn’t mean it can’t learn. But that it’s still trying to understand us. Or… maybe it never will. Does that invalidate faith?

Mithrax: I do not know… It provides a question, and I suppose it is upon me to ponder the answer. For the truest answers lie within ourselves.