Visions of the Traveler - The Transgression

Name: Visions of the Traveler - The Transgression
Date recorded: 2024. 06. 17


++ The Transgression, Pale Heart

** The Guardian collects a vision of the Traveler

Micah-10: I can… feel the Traveler’s experiences impressed on this object. Feel it’s emotions, see what it saw… I will try to interpret. There is a person - no, people. Those born in harmony and attunement with the Light… A few grains of sand, in a desert of time. They… feel. Experience things different from others. See things: visions, dreams, images. Non-linear perspective. I see… the Speaker… Crow… Me. A wave, spanning space and time, upon which we stand. A wave crashing on distant shores of distant gardens… I… can’t make sense of the rest.

The Crow: “Waves crashing on distant shores.” It feels like there’s… more. Something about ourselves we don’t understand yet.

Micah-10: Being a Guardian is being a part of something greater. But this… perhaps is another mystery. A larger tapestry. One we are only just becoming aware of.