Vitalis, or the Speaker's spinny device

We’ve all seen the strange, large spinny armillary sphere looking device in the Speaker’s area; some of us have noticed the strange geometric drawings scattered about the tower in books and loose papers. There is a surprising lack of research into what these sketches are, the mechanics of the Vitalis (named by Jesse van Dijk, an artist at Bungie who also released concept footage for the device), and the Traveler itself.

Idk if anyone will find this discussion but I will keep updating this topic as I discover more. I actually just joined the Ishtar Collective after I found a connection between one of the geometric sketches and the Vitalis, which I will be uploading a comparison here once I find/create a better image of the sketch.

^First attempt to replicate the strange geometric sketches lying around the Tower, 2 parts highlighted in green are incorrect. Proportions are essentially guesswork, I’m just drawing from eyeballing the image in the Tower.

^Second attempt for the same image, shapes are in the correct location.

^Vitalis sketch, along with (runes?) along the inner rectangular paneling


This is a pretty terrible quality image of one of the geometric shapes. I believe this particular book is located on the chest by Eris Morn.


I’ve looked at all your draw and I wanted to thank you for your hard work!
I don’t know if it will be mentioned in the future but I think at this point the “Vitalis” is just there to look good.
Your drawings are very well-made though!

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You should probably merge your comments and your post into one big post.

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